Are More Pages Better for SEO?

by | Published on Jan 21, 2022 | SEO

Quality content undoubtedly plays a pivotal role in getting ranked higher in search engine result pages. Google considers user experience as a key factor for ranking results. Poor quality content will disappoint users and this ultimately affects the ranking of the webpage as Google uses web crawlers to scan and index pages. Visibility is not about the number of pages a website has, but about the value and relevance of the content to users.

A webpage that ranks higher is considered credible and authoritative. Businesses are focused on enhancing the visibility of their product or brand through SEO efforts. Boosting SEO helps to expand the target audience, create brand awareness and build authority. Outsourcing SEO services is a viable option for getting ranked higher and driving organic traffic.

Does the Number Of Web Pages Matter For SEO?

The Nature Of Business

The requirement of the number of pages of a website depends on the nature of the business. For example, the website of the biggest e-commerce giant Amazon needs several pages to enable users to discover various products the platform is selling. According to, the 10 essential pages that a business website should have are as follows:

·        Home

·        About

·        Contact

·        Blog/News

·        Products/Services

·        Portfolio or Gallery

·        FAQ

·        Testimonial/reviews

·        Sitemap

·        Terms and conditions with privacy policy

Websites get a huge fillip with regard to SEO if it is regularly updated with quality content.

Content is King

  • It is well established that quality content can enhance online leads and sales revenue. When we create a website, we have to keep two broad categories of audiences in focus. The first category is potential customers or users in search of relevant information. The second category comprises search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo. For users, the content or the number of pages of the website has to prioritize user experience to boost SEO.

Users require relevant data or information in a simple and compact manner, and that is also readable and user-friendly. But to target search engines, there should be a sufficient number of pages with quality content to maximize SEO results. A high ranked website always has an article or blog section in which content is created and updated regularly.

Content optimized with the right keywords is important for SEO and can lead potential customers to the website. Organic SEO services focus on the various elements that improve the natural growth of your website over time, which includes everything from site structure and sitemaps, URLs, backlinks, navigation and website speed to keyword optimization, content optimization, and more. Organic SEO makes your website authoritative and relevant and helps your site reaches a dominant position in search results.

Are More Pages Better for SEO?

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Quality Backlinks To Boost Page Performance

Google crawlers ignore a ton of pages with slim content that is stuffed with keywords. Instead, if the website has many pages with quality content, it could generate quality backlinks that help users navigate between pages across the web. SEO link building services help create links from high domain authority websites that can diversify traffic sources.

These links are signals that boost the credibility of your website. The performance of a website depends on how well each page retains users with constant engagement. It also involves the time required to load each page — if a page takes more than three minutes to load, chances are high that users might leave the site. Designing a website with the best UX is crucial for the best SEO results.

Pages with Specific Focus On Keywords

Strategic use of keywords in the pages can help the website to rank higher. Using keywords that target potential customers’ search intent will improve SEO results. By Identifying keywords and phrases your target audience uses when looking for products or services like yours, SEO helps you rank well for those searches.

Each page of the website should be optimized with the right keywords to attract a higher volume of organic traffic to your website. So, SERP ranking is not just about the number of pages. Successful websites have optimized content spread across their pages. Search engines consider the performance of individual pages and index them accordingly.

Quality Supersedes Quantity

Creating little content stuffed with keywords for enhanced CTR can devalue your website. The main goal of creating content is to stand out from the crowd. To realize this goal, the primary focus has to be on providing users with relevant and valuable information. More content can be added gradually with SEO efforts to direct organic traffic to your website.

Bottom line:

Businesses require SEO to build their online presence and brand appeal and convert leads to customers and repeat buyers. To stay competitive with on-page and off-page optimization, businesses can partner with an experienced SEO outsourcing company.  Even though there is no limit on the number of pages a website can have, ensuring quality content should be the primary goal to improve SERP ranking.

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