Advantages and Disadvantages of Viral Marketing

by | Published on Jun 10, 2022 | SEO

Viral marketing is a type of digital marketing strategy where brand-related content is shared by businesses to influence a substantially large audience. Affordable digital marketing servicescan make a piece of content viral by posting interesting videos, memes, or images on social media platforms. In some instances, some brand or product ideas can become viral unintentionally too. However, a piece of content becomes viral only if it is shared and discussed by a large audience. Even though viral marketing enhances the credibility of your business, it is not flawless. Keep reading to know the advantages and disadvantages of viral marketing.

Advantages of Viral Marketing

  • Helps connect a new audience

This type of marketing strategy has a unique way of finding prospects. It connects not only the target audience but also a new audience that may not otherwise have heard about the brand message. Businesses can increase their customer base by targeting new demographics and enhancing their market share. When new prospects enter new markets, it expands the marketing chain, eventually yielding higher revenues.

  • Cost-efficient marketing strategy

You don’t have to take extra efforts to spread your brand message as your customers and prospects will take it forward. This considerably reduces the investment needed for marketing. In this manner, viral marketing is a positive experience for businesses as they no longer need to advertise the product to specific groups. By analyzing social media engagements, businesses can know the interests of their potential customers.

  • Creativity comes with innovative marketing efforts

We all might have come across interesting captions, videos, or images and would have been amazed at the unfolding creativity. The content becomes viral only if there is creativity focusing on the core message of the brand. The message to be conveyed has to be made to stand out from the competitors. Even if the message doesn’t get viral, businesses can benefit from enhanced customer activity.

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  • Creates a real impact on the customer

Viral marketing is a type of disruptive marketing. On a daily basis, people are exposed to many brand messages. They either tend to ignore these messages or delete them. When a brand message becomes viral, the product may get recommended by a family member or friend. This can draw the attention of the customers even if they necessarily don’t like the product. In addition, social media interactions of the customers show that the product aligns with the tone of the customers.

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  • Provides instant credibility

Word-of-mouth endorsement enhances the integrity of a brand. Viral marketing does exactly the same as brand visibility is increased when there are discussions on an individualized level. This subsequently helps businesses gain credibility. When the internet is abuzz about a new product or service, it can convert prospects into paying customers.

  • The exponential growth of organic traffic to the website

Viral marketing has the potential to drive huge traffic to the website overnight. If organic SEO companies are relied on, this traffic level can be maintained with best SEO practices. This can eventually enhance the reputation of the brand in a short amount of time.

Disadvantages of Viral Marketing

  • Marketing efforts cannot be measured

It is difficult to determine the value or turnover that can be obtained after marketing a particular product as the outcome of viral marketing depends upon the degree of impact it can create on people’s minds. This makes it really difficult to have an estimate of ROI. Some marketing campaigns can get viral right away with the launch of the product. In some cases, it can take a couple of months to become viral or there can be instances where a product gets unnoticed.

  • People can find it irritating

Interruptive marketing is sometimes seen as irritating when people are exposed to the brand message around every corner. Initially, such marketing campaigns seem attractive but with time they can become a nuisance due to constant exposure. This shows that there are equal chances of the brand message going unnoticed or getting deleted.

  • Overall control over the response to the content is limited

When the content is open to public discussion, the interaction can be positive or negative. Marketing efforts are beneficial only if there is a positive response from the people. If the content or brand message goes viral in a negative way, it can damage the reputation of the brand.

  • Marketing message has to be constantly monitored

Viral marketing engages people on an individual level. The interactions that are taking place on various social media platforms have to be checked to limit probable negative content. Setting up the initial message alone is not enough. You must take action. A follow-up plan has to be strategized prior to posting the content online.

  • Ambiguity in defining your audience

The more a brand is exposed, the more vulnerable it is. The brand message can reach people who are outside the confines of your target audience. If they find your content objectionable or offensive, it can hamper your marketing efforts.
Digital marketing outsourcing companies can enable businesses to implement the right viral marketing strategies to ensure enhanced ROI. A thorough understanding of the marketing requirements of your brand is the primary step prior to choosing this type of digital marketing.

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