7 Tips to Improve Your Online Visibility

by | Published on Dec 13, 2016 | Social Media Optimization

As any social media marketing company would agree, creating and developing a healthcare website and maintaining a strong search engine as well as social media presence is crucial for medical businesses. Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter are the ideal sites for building your online presence. These have played a crucial role in how people interact with potential customers and have become a powerful method to reach out to prospects. According to Statista, 97% of the global share of organizations uses social media to maintain a strong online presence. It was easy to see a positive return on investment for strategic social media optimization, when it was combined with an effective content marketing campaign. Over the past several years, however, things have changed with businesses finding it difficult to obtain the same level of returns.

For several years Facebook has remained the social media giant and the most influential platform, but recently it has been refining its newsfeed algorithm to show users less organic branded content. Recently, Facebook announced that it is going to increasingly prioritize posts from users’ friends and families and push down the visibility of posts by brands and organizations, especially content publishers. Similarly, other social media sites like LinkedIn and Snapchat also focus on individual accounts and functionalities that make them appealing to groups of friends and not individuals seeking branded or informative content.

If such practices on the part of social media platforms have had a negative impact on your online presence, here are 7 tips to improve your online visibility.

  1. Good networking and relationships: Spend quality time for networking and build up your contacts and friendships, share content etc in order to boost your profile in the online space.
  2. Ensure quality: Create occasional, unique content that attracts attention and is worthy of earning a greater level of engagement from your followers.
  3. Expert comments: Accept comments from bloggers or journalists who can weigh a subject or even contribute to it. This gives you credibility and more traffic.
  4. Allow guest posting: Allowing guest posting on your website with quality content helps to grow audience faster. Posting strategic blogs or content focusing on a targeted audience will improve your online presence.
  5. Target specific users: Create content specifically for a targeted group. This can make you stand out more and achieve more relevance even though your total audience volume may decrease. In Facebook, you can utilize audience controls and address some of the organic limitations of this social media platform, and make your content available to users who are most likely to enjoy it.
  6. Utilize YouTube effectively: Online mediums like YouTube are the platforms where you can show your strengths through interesting videos and podcasts. This helps you to reach out to your target audience and also boost your brand name.
  7. Assess your online presence: Assessing your online presence helps you to analyze, self check to make sure that you are communicating the brand with your audience.

Digital marketing services for healthcare include innovative solutions that will help healthcare businesses make the best use of social media platforms. These service providers also develop unique search engine optimization plans in keeping with individual requirements of their healthcare clients whether doctors, lab equipment dealers, pharmaceutical companies or others.

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