6 Best SEO Strategies For Physicians In 2022

by | Published on Dec 21, 2021 | SEO

Healthcare information is one of the most searched topics on Internet and it is important for physicians and other healthcare professionals to invest in medical SEO. Everyday potential patients search for physicians and medical information and services on the Internet. Medical SEO services can help your site get to the top of search results, attract new patients, and ensure they have an informative and seamless experience when they visit your website. A digital marketing services company will use the right tools to help your site rank higher, but keep in mind that SEO takes time to show notable results.

The following are some of the key SEO strategies that medical business should consider in 2022.

  • Google My Business listing: Healthcare professionals have access to listings on Google Maps for their medical practices as well as for themselves. If you have multiple listings, make sure to have different categories and also link to different website pages. Ensure you have a great GMB profile with photos, images, reviews, contact details, address, Q&A sections and a brief description about your business. Include unique content about your practice and add related keywords, including location keywords. Optimizing GMB for multi-locations will enhance your visibility in local search and help potential patients to find your medical practice and contact you easily.google my business

    Quality content still rules: Posting top quality content will continue to be a priority for getting better ranking and traffic. Google algorithm updates have changed the way the search engine judges the quality of content. Google has a set of rules and content guidelines that should be followed to get good ranking. The content should be informative and educate the target audience and ensure that it is relevant to them. It is important to ensure that the language is simple and has relevant keywords. Expand and elaborate on the content to provide patients with a better understanding of topics. Keep the sentences short and use sub-headings to break down the text. You can also use the existing content as a rough outline to create other high-quality pieces. These content should be optimized with relevant keywords in content, meta data, URL along with image tag, title tag etc. Make sure that the content is unique and not plagiarized. Another important aspect of generating good content is to add relevant links. Get quality links from authority sites in your industry and hyperlink them to your site. This will help build your authority and attract targeted traffic.

    quality content


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  • Optimize for voice search: With advent of smart speakers and other advanced technology, websites now need to be optimized for voice search. Voice search has been popular 2019 and will be a strong SEO trend in 2022 also. According to Brightlocal, 58 percent of consumer use voice search when looking for any business online. There are many voice assistants available today like Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri. Here are four effective ways to optimize your website for voice search:
    • Add an FAQ section on your website
    • Use a question format for titles and subheadings
    • Adjust all your keywords to cater to conversational-based searches
    • Spin long-tail keywords into questions and come up with content that provides accurate answers to the questions
  • Technical SEO and site speed matters: Technical SEO is an important element to get top ranking in SERPs and managing it effectively is important. Technical SEO ensures that your website is easy to navigate and free of technical issues that prevent it from being understood and ranked by search engines. Poor technical SEO can result in a poor user experience and this can lead to a higher bounce rate. You can use tools like Deep Crawl to correct technical issues. Focus on core web vitals to boost your web page experience so that Google can crawl your website easily. Using tools like the Finteza Lighthouse Report can help you find the issues that are slowing down your website and use strategies to improve your site’s loading speed.
  • Understand user intent: When you are implementing SEO strategies, focus on your target audience, understand them, find out what they want, and what they are searching for online. Identify the keywords that customers are likely use when searching on Google. Consider users’ search intent and pick phrases and keywords that match what people are asking Google. According to SEO consultant TommiAaltonen, the easiest way to review user intent is to type in a keyword on the Google search box and analyze the results. Then go through the top results to determine if they are brand focused on pages and blogs and create content using a similar approach.nyulangone


  • Get more reviews: Many people check on online reviews before consulting a physician. Good reviews are a sign of trust and credibility. So encourage your patients to leave a review on your GMB profile or send one through an email. Make sure to respond to all review, be it positive or negative. This shows that you are considerate about your patients.

SEO elements like posting quality content will continue to remain the same, but other aspects like security enhancement, mobile advancements are dynamic. That’s why healthcare professionals need expert support to improve their online presence. An experienced provider of medical SEO services will evaluate your website’s current performance, identify opportunities for growth, and help you set up and manage webmaster tools to improve optimization and conversions.

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