5 Tools to Enhance Your Practice’s Social Media Marketing Campaign

by | Published on Nov 1, 2016 | Social Media Optimization

The advent of social media has changed the way people communicate with each other. The use of social media continues to increase and is the fastest mode of communication in the present world. All major brands actively plan strategic campaigns around social activity. While companies from every industry have made the leap into social media, the healthcare industry has lagged behind. The fact is that, for medical practices, dentists, plastic surgeons, clinics, hospitals, and other entities in this sector, comprehensive online marketing is the key to staying ahead of the competition. Reliable medical SEO services are available to help medical professionals enhance their visibility online, increase referrals, and win new patients.

Simple Tools to Boost Your Social Media Marketing Efforts

Twitter, Facebook and many other social media platforms play an important role in the marketing campaigns of healthcare entities. Today, there are many tools available that can boost your practice’s social media marketing efforts. Here are five popular tools that physicians’ practices can use to enhance their social image:

  • Buffer: Buffer is a new and smart way to share anything on social media. Updates made on the Buffer queue will be posted well spaced out over the day. Buffer helps in planning tweets or posting ahead of time. This ensures a consistent online presence on your social media accounts. It engages your audience and also drives more traffic to your website. It’s important to follow up with followers who have replied or commented on your posts.
  • Pablo: A tool by Buffer, Pablo is the simplest way to create beautiful images that fit every social network perfectly. In addition to enabling the creation of custom-designed images, this tool offers features to emphasize messages. Images creating using Pablo are in a class of their own and help you get the attention you are looking for.
  • Sprout Social: Sprout spring is an all-in-one tool that helps in managing all your social media channels. It combines all your essential social media activities in one place. With Spring Sprout, all your followers can engage well on several platforms. It helps in making important decisions about social media investments.
  • Spectoos: Spectoos helps you get testimonials and reviews from real people on various social media platforms. It helps you in connecting with the people and to get feedback from them easily. It also allows you to consolidate all the positive opinions that people have about your company from various social media platforms.
  • Pocket: Pocket is one of the most popular social media marketing tools. It allows centralized content curation and a sharing control center for all your social media activities. It can be integrated with other web and mobile apps. The best content can be collected and shared using your Pocket account.

Medical SEO companies use a series of tactics to enhance the visibility of their client’s website in search results.  An established healthcare digital marketing agency would provide customized solutions to optimize each page of your medical website and employ the right off-page strategies to boost your search engine ranking. The services they offer include everything from market research, competitor analysis and website audit to social media optimization and local optimization to enhance your presence in your geographical area. They will regularly analyze your search engine rankings and traffic reports and modify them according to latest trends with the goal to maintain top search ranking.

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