5 Effective Strategies for Prioritizing SEO Keywords When Creating Content

by | Published on Jun 21, 2023 | Content Writing Services, SEO

Setting SEO keywords as a top priority while generating content is crucial. Search engine optimization, or SEO, is essential for ensuring that your content is seen by the right people and performs effectively in search engine results. Your material will be more visible and likely to appear in search engine inquiries if you purposefully incorporate relevant keywords into it. By giving SEO keywords priority, you increase the potential that your material will be read by your target audience and that your website will receive organic traffic. Providers of content writing services can carefully choose and include the appropriate keywords to increase brand exposure, increase audience reach, and help you accomplish your desired company objectives.

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Businesses often have extensive keyword lists for content creation, categorized under different topics in a spreadsheet. However, choosing which keywords to emphasize becomes a crucial decision. With so many possible keywords at hand to work with, it’s essential to create a clear content strategy that supports your top priorities. Once you have determined your top keywords, you should strategically incorporate them into your content plan. Develop a plan for implementing each keyword, identifying the specific pages or articles where it will be most beneficial. The content should naturally and organically incorporate keywords. Create valuable, engaging content that subtly incorporates the chosen keywords while providing value to your audience. Avoid overloading your content with keywords because it hinders its readability and raises red flags for search engines.

Prioritizing keywords begins with detailed keyword research and analysis. Choose keywords that are not only applicable to your sector or specialty but also show an acceptable search volume and level of competition. This method helps you focus your efforts and select the keywords that have the greatest chance of attracting relevant traffic.

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How to Prioritize SEO Keywords

  • Paid advertisements: For SEO, ads data is a goldmine of knowledge. If your website runs advertisements, it’s important to compile a list of keywords that convert. A keyword is likely to convert with SEO if it converts with advertisements. Not every term for which ads are being bid on can rank organically, but if it serves your marketing and business objectives, you should go for it. Additionally, you can test keywords’ conversion rates by bidding on them in advertising.
  • Google Keyword Planner: This free tool can help you prioritize your keywords. Google Keyword Planner provides some intriguing information:
      • The term with the most frequent searches per month (precise searches if you’re running advertising).
      • The level of competition indicates how challenging it is to appear in search results for this keyword.
      • The bid range describes how much is being offered for the keyword.

Businesses tend to avoid bidding on keywords that aren’t profitable if there is considerable competition for such keywords and many people are using them. The competitiveness level of a keyword is an indicator of its return on investment. If you can rank organically for the same phrase, there is potential for it to bring in revenue for your site.

  • Give money pages and conversion keywords first priority: The main objective of SEO is to attract a targeted audience interested in your service or product. You want visitors to your website who are likely to convert, whether it’s making a sale, signing up for an email, downloading content, or taking any other action that directs traffic into your marketing funnel. Your SEO campaigns should focus on supporting these vital pages to accelerate the marketing funnel. SEO can attract users in the awareness stage of the marketing funnel (ToFu) to your website. While it’s unlikely that ToFu users will convert immediately, it’s beneficial to have them in your audience as you can cultivate them through other channels, such as email. If your money pages rank highly enough on page one, SEO can also bring in bottom-funnel (BoFu) traffic, consisting of users ready to make a purchase. By knowing which pages are converting, you can work on creating an SEO content strategy that improves the ranking of these pages.
  • Volume of searches: Your ToFu/awareness keywords will often have higher search volumes compared to your BoFu keywords, which have lower search volumes. Your ad accounts will likely show the BoFu keywords because they convert well. While it’s easy to get sidetracked by popular search terms, you must keep in mind that your goal is to increase conversions and revenue, not just traffic. Use less volume-focused and more conversion-focused keywords. Consider how your SEO content is influencing the ranking of BoFu keywords.
  • Keyword Complexity: Consider keyword difficulty. The keyword difficulty statistic on Google Keyword Planner shows how easy or difficult it could be to rank for a specific keyword. For new websites, ranking for seed keywords may be difficult. In this case, prioritize longer-tail keywords. However, thematic authority is more significant than difficulty and keywords. Even if some of your keywords may not appear on Google’s front page anytime soon, consider adding pages with those keywords to your site. Only some content pieces need to rank immediately, and topic coverage contributes to the development of E-A-T (Expertise, Authority, Trust). In the meantime, you can disseminate the information using other marketing channels.

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Remember that Google wants to provide its users with the best possible experience, and simply using keywords is not enough. You need to create highly valuable and genuinely useful content. If you notice competitor pages with video embeds and images, incorporate those elements into your keyword plan to increase the chances of your pages being ranked. Prioritizing SEO keywords when writing content, with the help of content writing services, helps increase your website’s online visibility, attract more relevant organic traffic, and potentially convert visitors into customers.

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