5 Best Practices for Meta Advertising

by | Published on Mar 30, 2023 | SEO

In 2023, Meta will still become a media channel where advertisers must maintain visibility and competitiveness despite Instagram and Facebook continuing to dominate the social platform market. Much has changed over the past year, with Meta releasing many new tools and features. With more resources than ever, advertisers can grow their campaigns more quickly. Businesses can invest in organic SEO services to stay current with these changes and to implement proper marketing strategies on Facebook and Instagram.

What Are Meta Ads and Why Are They Important?

Online advertisements known as “meta ads” utilize metadata to target particular audiences. Data that describes other data, such as a user’s browsing and search histories and interests, is known as metadata. Cookies, web beacons, and other tracking technologies are used to gather this data. Advertisers can produce highly targeted ads that are more likely to be pertinent to and interesting to their target audience by making use of this metadata.

Reaching your target audience and standing out in a crowded social media landscape can be challenging. Advertising on Meta can give marketers the chance to reach the right individuals in a fun and interactive way since it has access to 4.59 billion daily active users across Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger. With regular information on how effectively your ads are functioning, it assists you in connecting with people depending on geography, age, gender, hobbies, education, and more.

Meta ads can assist advertisers in more efficiently connecting with their target demographic, which makes them crucial for digital marketing. Advertisers can produce highly targeted advertising that are more likely to be pertinent to and interesting to their target audience by leveraging metadata. This may result in improved conversion rates, higher ROI for marketers, and higher engagement rates. Meta-ads can also assist advertisers in gathering important information about their target market. Advertisers can learn about the interests, habits, and preferences of their target audience by analyzing metadata. Future commercials could be more specifically targeted and powerful, thanks to this knowledge.

What Are Meta Ads

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Best Strategies for Meta Advertising

Following are some best practices for meta advertising with all the new updates:

  • Use Advantage+ campaigns as leverage: The new function Advantage+ campaign was introduced by Meta in 2022. Adding Advantage+ campaigns to app and retail activities is a brilliant idea. By identifying the appropriate audience and the proper content, Meta handles the research needed for advertising. In both app installation and online shopping, this is successful. To make the most of Advantage+ campaigns, you must make sure you have enough creativity to get them up and running successfully. Marketers can manually choose the creative assets they want, but Meta recommends the ones they believe will perform the best. Play around with your options, combining them with advertising that are known to work well, and letting Meta choose the ads. You’ll probably notice an improvement in your cost-per-acquisition when using Advantage+ campaigns by testing and refining what works.
  • Strategies for Meta Advertising

  • Collaborate with influencers: Although this strategy is not new, Meta has just released new playbooks and guides to assist advertisers in working with influencers. Budgets for B2C advertising often include spending on influencers, and Meta has noticed that advertisers want to employ sponsored media to promote user-generated content on brand channels.
  • Here are a few essential best practices to ensure the smoothest execution of your plan.

    • Under “Paid Partnership” on your company page, link your influencers as partners. You can use this feature to advertise their content on your brand channels.
    • Make sure influencers use the “Paid Partnership with [Brand Name]” label when promoting your brand on Instagram. This is crucial because it guarantees that you can add the partner’s content to your own pages and run ads through the ads manager. If they merely include the generic label that reads “Paid Partnership,” you may have problems having their material noticed and may need to ask them to amend the article. Make sure each partner expressly includes your brand name in the partnership label.
    • Verify that videos generated for Instagram Reels and Stories don’t contain any stickers or music that is protected by a copyright because then Meta won’t authorize your advertisements. Additionally, if your campaigns are on time, you’ll need to engage with influencers to re-record their video, which may be a significant hassle. When we have to go back to influencers and request last-minute modifications to content that was initially in final approval, the quality of the content usually suffers.

    Another thing to keep in mind is that if you’re promoting Reels, marketers can only put links to these if you make a dark post. Facebook advises choosing the “Story” placement if having a link is crucial but you don’t want a dark post. It’s definitely advised to keep an eye on the “Instagram Explore” placement for 2023 because influencer-related advertisers can also find success with it. With Instagram’s new “Explore” placement, you can boost your spending on further influencer campaigns.

    Collaborate with Influencers

  • Install the Meta Conversions API: Setting up Meta’s Conversion API still has a lot of pain points and glitches to work through (CAPI). However, in order to make it easier for more advertisers to get started, Meta has launched a number of setup options. Although CAPI is optional, it is important to keep in mind because it is a more advanced level of optimization. With the new setup procedures, it also seems Meta is striving to provide additional integrations for advertisers to get set up more quickly without needing a full development team, which is ideally the case.
  • Use broad and open targeting: Scaling your campaigns will still favour “Open” or “Broad” targeting, which is even more in line with Meta’s machine learning algorithm. When choosing one of these two actions, Meta’s algorithm can effectively identify the audience most likely to be interested in your ads and take action:
    • Keep your targeting broad by adding no additional targeting beyond demographics.
    • Keeping your audience size in the millions while using very limited interest-based targeting.
  • The best method to make machine learning work for your advertising efforts is through open and broad targeting because it gives Meta the most audience data to use in its optimizations.

  • Make the most of lead generation forms: Less is more has long been the guiding principle for lead generation tools. In many instances, this is still accurate. However, if you’re having trouble with the quality of your leads, think about including more customer qualification queries. If you’re having trouble with the quality, you could try manual fill for the first name, last name, and/or email address. There is a mix to be found between manual fill and autofill, so you’ll probably want to experiment with a few different approaches to see which one suits your company the best. Limit the number of manual fill queries to prevent unintentionally raising the number of forms that users abandon. Don’t have too many manual fill questions to avoid accidentally increasing the volume of abandoned forms. Consider additionally giving the consumer a short and sweet introduction on the form that details what they will get from filling out the form. This can be a snippet of a whitepaper or a few bullets about the company, whatever makes the most sense for your ad. Moreover, ensure that your thank you page or the landing page you are driving the consumer to is engaging with helpful information and resources. This provides more education for the consumer to make decisions and can help build your retargeting audiences for nurture campaigns. Lastly, keep the creative for your lead gen forms scroll-stopping. You have seconds to grab someone’s attention in their feed and make them stop to open your form, so be bold.
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    One thing is certain as Meta continues to develop and introduce new features: automation will become a crucial marketing strategy. A lot of testing will be done in 2023 to determine where marketers can find more savings and still compete on Facebook and Instagram. So, get in touch with a trustworthy organic SEO company to stay on top of all the evolving Meta advertising strategies.

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