4 Ways to Win Patients Using Search Marketing

by | Published on Dec 1, 2016 | SEO

Digital marketing for doctor’s practices has changed drastically over the years and the process of making your services available to targeted patients has become more challenging now. The reasons for this increased challenge include the following:

  • There are a number of private and hospital-owned medical practices.
  • Patients are well informed and are empowered to make health decisions.

Today traditional advertising or word of mouth may not bring new patients. Patients now rely more on referrals and patient reviews before approaching any doctor. In an increasingly digital world, patients conduct an extensive research on clinics and physicians online before making a visit. Therefore it is important for healthcare professionals to have a strong online presence to enable patients to find them. Creating an optimized website with the help of reliable medical SEO services will improve visibility and ranking.

Following are 4 easy ways for healthcare marketing.

  1. Community pages: Physicians look out for patients in their own locality and the ideal social media platform to connect with potential patients is Facebook. Engaging with the people through community pages, sharing photos of your booth when participating in an event and inviting attendees can prove to be very Active participation in local community events and concentrating on a small area of the town will help physicians to reach out to more patients.
  2. Review sites: Review sites are very important because when a patient wants to visit a doctor, he or she often goes through the reviews about the doctor and then chooses one. Physicians may not be able to exercise control over what their patients say about them but they can request patients to write In this way they can increase the number of reviews. Another way is to request testimonials from patients that can be included in the physician’s own website.
  3. Referrals from social media: Social media is one of the best methods for online marketing. Firstly set up a Facebook page for your practice and this will allow patients to know more about your services; you can earn “likes” for your Facebook page, and also build up some followers. You can also post photos, share content and link more with your targeted audience.
  4. Localization: When a user conducts a search on the internet, the search engines show local results. Hence it is very important for medical websites to have correct local information in the content. Adding local information in the meta description and title tags will improve your ranking when patients search for medical practitioners in local area. If there are practices in multiple locations, then all addresses and other information should be mentioned correctly for better search ranking.

To grow their medical practice, physicians can effectively utilize healthcare marketing services and optimize their website for better online visibility and search ranking. This will ensure that patients looking for the particular services they provide can easily find them.

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