4 Tips to Help Improve E-commerce Conversion Rates

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The e-commerce industry is advancing at a rapid speed and for 2016 experts expect the overall revenue of the sector to grow by 15%. Competition is fierce in this sector and online businesses need to learn the art of online sales and marketing to stay abreast of competitors in the global marketplace. It is important to achieve maximum conversions – i.e. get people to take whatever desired action you want them to take whether it is signing up for your newsletter, calling you, asking for a free trial, buying a product or service, or downloading a piece of content. Conversion rate is the number of people who come to your website and “convert” by taking a desired action. Healthcare businesses just as other businesses must understand the immense significance of e-commerce conversion. It is the metric by which the business’s profitability is measured. This figure is made use of to improve visitor experience on your website and make sure that they have a clear understanding of the services you provide.  So how can online medical businesses improve the conversion rate? Every decision made from picture quality to category navigation and colour choices to shopping cart placement impacts the rate at which your visitors convert. A professional healthcare digital marketing company would ensure that your website is optimized in the appropriate manner so as to increase traffic and conversion rates.

E-commerce Conversion Rates

Here are four steps that will help to improve the conversion rates.

  • Writing for targeted audience: There are many types of customers and your healthcare website should be capable of attracting them. Following are the main types of customers.
    • Logical: Customers in this group are very logical, detail- oriented and will carefully scrutinize your offers before making a decision. For this type of customers, all important features about your product/service should be emphasised.
    • Impulsive: These are spontaneous, optimistic and risk-oriented customers who make quick buying decisions. They are very easy to attract and will consider only the benefits of buying the product. Use of rich imaginary words and focusing on the benefits of your products or services will attractive impulsive customers.
    • Aggressive: These are rational customers who look for self improvement and hold high standards of integrity. They expect the same from the business too. For these customers, the focus should be more on the technology, performance improvements of the product or services, and your credibility.
    • Caring: These are considerate customers who will not only look at the products and service but also go through the “About us” section. Content with environmental or social benefits of the products and services will attract these customers.
  • Use of action words and power words: Power words used in your website’s content will enhance the product and service descriptions and attract more customers. Similarly, using action words will make your content more energetic and active.
  • Focus on unique pages: Make sure that your “About US” page and Home page are unique with distinctive content and design. Focus on your brand’s history and values for more traffic.
  • Right Formatting: According to eye tracking studies, people first look at the left column, then to the right, and then down the page. Therefore correct formatting of your website page is essential. Here are some tips to ensure the right formatting.
    • Follow an information hierarchy
    • Follow a two column layout
    • Use bullet points
    • Write information rich  headers

Copywriting and Conversion Rates

If you own a medical store or website, the following are the major challenges:

  • Let your website visitors clearly understand about the products or services you offer and their features and advantages
  • Invoke emotions that can persuade the visitors to convert
  • Highlight the brand value among the visitors and building a long-lasting relationship with them

There is a direct relationship between copywriting and conversion rates i.e. the better the copy on the landing pages or on the product description, the better the conversion rates.

E-commerce website development services would help medical businesses create a website designed to attract maximum targeted consumers and increase conversions.

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