YouTube Gives Creators Access To Analytics Reports On Mobile App

by | Published on Oct 21, 2021 | Social Media Optimization

YouTube, the online video-sharing platform, is one of the most popular video platforms that make it easy for content creators to share their content among a wide audience. If you plan to make money directly from your YouTube content or simply use YouTube as a marketing platform, you first need to have a YouTube channel. But then, growing a YouTube channel takes time and effort. With the help of a reliable search engine optimization company, you can grow your channel and succeed in your digital marketing campaigns. While concentrating on your YouTube channel, have you ever felt like tracking the effectiveness of your channel? If yes, then YouTube Analytics is your answer. It gives channel users more ways to slice and dice their data by monitoring the performance of their videos, channels, and assets than any other video platform. Now, the platform is bringing more analytics reports and making it easily accessible among users on mobile app – that were previously only available on desktop.

YouTube Analytics and its New Features

Do you know that YouTube videos can reach a wider audience, say, more than two billion users a month – that is, about one-third of the entire internet’s traffic? So, if you want to use these videos to drive traffic and revenue, or want to know whether your video has impacted your business, you need to dive deep into the data. For this you need an effective use of YouTube analytics, because it provides access to vital metrics about video performance including watch time, viewer demographics, traffic sources, impressions, and more. The data provided by YouTube Analytics help creators understand what type of content their audience is interested in and with that information, creators can improve their YouTube strategy accordingly.

Recently in a weekly update, YouTube announced that it is giving creators access to more analytics reports – which includes data about traffic sources and revenue – to Studio Mobile app that were previously only available on desktop. The new reports allow YouTube creators to stay informed about their earnings and see how audiences are finding their videos.

YouTube is in the process of bringing more desktop features to mobile, and the platform has now launched new reports under the revenue tab in the Studio Mobile app and is giving access to creators.

Let’s have a look at these newly launched reports for YouTube creators.

  • Monthly Revenue Report: It shows estimated revenue obtained for the current month, along with historical data. One of the major benefits of this report is that it allows you to compare month over month
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  • Transaction Revenue Report: You can see where your earning came from which includes channel memberships, Super Chats, Super Stickers, and other things that are paid for by audiences.transaction revenue
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  • Traffic Sources Performance Report: This report, earlier available only in the video overview section of YouTube Studio on desktop, provides creators the following information:
    • Summarize your traffic sources performance
    • An indication as to whether any of those traffic sources (limited to different areas of YouTube such as subscribers feed, notifications, recommendations and channel pages) are higher, lower, or typical compared to the previous month’s videos. However, creators can also find more information about the traffic sources by tapping on the card.

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Though all of these reports are available within YouTube desktop, the added capacity to track your key data in the mobile app will provide more ways to stay on top of your channel performance.

Apart from the analytics report, YouTube also gives an update ‘appeal via video’ – for creators in the YouTube Partner Program.

Appeal Via Video

As per the update, if a creator gets banned from the program they can now submit an appeal via video. As creators in the YouTube Partner Program are eligible to earn ad revenue from their videos, getting removed from the program can cause a significant blow to a creator’s livelihood. With the help of this update, creators can now point out if the platform’s decision was right or wrong. Because YouTube regularly reviews all monetized channels to ensure they’re following the company’s policies and during this process – which involves a team of human reviewers – sometimes mistakes could happen.

Now, if a creator finds out that YouTube’s reviewers made a mistake, they can record a video explaining why their channel doesn’t violate monetization policies, what their channel is about and the kinds of content they produce.

After reviewing the video, and the channel as a whole, if YouTube’s policy team finds that they made a genuine mistake, they will turn monetization back on for the channel. Google is expanding this beta to enable creators to submit videos in their own native language with English subtitles in case their native language is not supported.

Merch Listings Available in Five New Markets

Launched in 2018, YouTube’s merch shelf listings were available in 24 countries. But now with the new expansion, YouTube is making its merch listings available in five new markets that include Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Poland and Russia. This expansion update will provide new monetization potential to more creators and also enable creators to list products from supported platforms and retailers in the ‘Merch Shelf’ beneath their video clips, or on their Channel page. It will also help existing users reach more potential customers via their clips.

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