YouTube Enhances Analytics and Unveils Studio Mobile App Updates for Improved Content Management

by | Published on Mar 18, 2021 | News

YouTube, the world’s largest video-sharing platform, recently launched several new features in its Analytics and updated its Studio mobile app to provide creators with more insights and tools to manage their content. YouTube makes it easy for content creators to share their content with a large audience.

By making it easier for creators to manage their content and understand their audience, YouTube is helping to foster a thriving creator community and a more engaging platform for users around the world.

Growing a YouTube channel takes time and requires constant work. However, with the help of an experienced search engine optimization company, you can grow your channel and succeed in your digital marketing campaigns. Very recently, the platform introduced a few improvements to upgrade the experience for creators such as launching new & returning viewers metrics, updates to the Studio Mobile app, and Living Room impression data of creator videos.

Let’s have a look at each of these updates for YouTube creators.

YouTube Analytics

    • New & Returning Viewers Metrics

With the latest updates, YouTube creators now have access to new metrics about video views. The new analytics data includes highly detailed information about the sources of video views which wasn’t available before.
Channel Analysis

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  • This new launch in YouTube Analytics – that can be seen in the Audience tab within YouTube studio – is going to be helpful for YouTube creators as from now onwards they would be able to see a graph in the ‘Audience’ tab to segregate the new viewers. That is, the new update will allow creators to see who is returning to a channel and who is viewing its content for the first time. Knowing the number of viewers returning to a channel after watching at least one video helps while planning future content strategies, such as whether it’s worth returning to a specific topic or not.
    The metrics about new and returning viewers’ data has been rolled to all creators but doesn’t yet apply to copyrighted content owners and artistic channels.

    • Cumulative Subs

Another exciting update made by YouTube recently is the launch of cumulative subs in Analytics, which was a long-standing creator request.
This feature would provide data that would answer simple questions a creator has, such as in which year did they reach 1000 subscribers? Or, how many subscribers did they have in 2015, and so on.
To celebrate your own milestones and to see what’s going on at any point in time, you can just click in See Live Count and view your progress.
What’s so exciting about this feature is that, along with the chart that shows the total subscriber counts overtime, YouTube is also launching a cool celebratory milestone animation, which will appear at 100, 500, 1000, 10,000, 100, 000, 1 million, 10 million, and 100 million subscribers.
Channel Growth

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Studio Mobile App Updates

YouTube has also announced some updates around the mobile app space, such as announcing changes in real-time cards and updating Tabs in the Studio Mobile app.

    • Real-Time Card

Real-time cards are viewed when YouTube creators open the Studio Mobile app and go to the analytics section, but with the latest updates, creators can now see the thumbnail of each of the videos. These videos will also be sorted through the number of views – highest to lowest – whereas earlier these were sorted by publish date. Another change is that the real-time card now includes a maximum of fifteen videos, which is ten more than the previous limit of five videos.

  • TabsTo focus on alignment, YouTube has now changed the tabs in the Studio Mobile app. The most used tabs are now aligned as per the frequently-used prioritization, which include: audience, reach, engagement, overview, and revenue.
    Analytics One

    • Known Issues Card

On March 17th, 2021, Creator Insider announced that for the first time, they are launching a new card in Studio called the “Known Issues” card. Any issues that can really impact your experience of the platform – sometimes negatively – such as things that might be confronting and preventing creators from uploading, or any weird features that they have come across, or bugs that YouTube figured out and are working to resolve, should be called out to creators immediately. YouTube is going to find such issues and report it to creators – so that they could learn about them – using the new Known Issues card.

Living Room Impression Data

Along with the new & returning viewers metrics and Studio Mobile App updates, the other exciting update – which is only a reporting change – by YouTube is that starting this month, Living Room Impressions will start to appear in YouTube analytics.

So, what is ‘living room impressions’?

It means, the impressions derived from sources like TV and gaming consoles will start to appear in your channels’ analytics count. However, the new update will not affect a video’s standard performance as it is only an alteration to reporting data and moreover the video impressions from connected TVs and game consoles have always been counted, but they were just not designated as such. That is, overall metrics such as watch time, views, and revenue will remain unaffected as a result of this update. But what might change during your first impression metric change is click-through rate data.

Finally, YouTube is also expanding on an experiment that detects products in a creator’s content or related products. However, the platform has already experimented with this in the past and what it does is allow viewers to decide what to watch next and what to do next- which is going to apply to US viewers only.

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