Unique Web Design Trends To Watch Out For In 2022

by | Published on Nov 16, 2021 | Website Design and Development

2022 is only a few weeks away and it’s time to revamp your web design to provide a user-friendly interface, an appealing web layout and ensure excellent functionality for your business website. A good web design encourages consumers to stay on the website. Attractive and dynamic websites can attract and retain new visitors and convert them to buyers. The quality and appeal of any website depend upon the web designers. So, make sure to choose a reliable web design company to generate a user-friendly, appealing web design.

The following are some of the web design trends for 2022.

  • Voice search: Voice search has been gaining popularity over the past few years since the emergence of Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant. In 2022, voice search is expected to be a common place element in website design. This facilitates quick website communication and prompt fulfilment of customer demands. It helps with quick search for information, free management of various options, and contactless page navigation. All these positive aspects help to enhance user experience and ensure effective project implementation.

    voice search

  • Mobile-optimized website: As an increasing number of people use smartphones to access the internet, the performance of your website on mobile phones should also be good. Moreover, according to Google’s latest algorithm, mobile optimization of website is important to gain better ranking on the search engine results page. Designing a simple and intuitive website design helps to optimize thumb scrolling experience for various mobile platforms.Web Design Trends
  • Use of dark interface: Dark themes have remained popular since 2019 in some applications and today, a number of people prefer websites with dark themes. Web developers are now focusing on developing websites with a dark theme interface. Big companies like Apple, Telegram, and Facebook have already started using this theme. Dark themes are popular because it accentuates color highlighting, helps perceive content at a low level of illumination, facilitates economical energy consumption, and increases screen life. There are already some websites that are dark themed, and in 2022 more websites are likely to embrace this feature.
  • Custom scrolling: Scrolling through a website is always done vertically and this can be done easily with a mouse. However, with the expansion of technology many companies are modifying scrolling options horizontally and on all planes. Horizontal scrolling allows you to have a comfortable view of the website on phones or tablets. Viewing in all planes allows users to more comfortably interact with the page using the mouse, and see the product from all sides and planes.
  • Highlight headlines with unique fonts: Using the right font size and style is essential so that it is easier for users to consume the content. Both web designers and graphic designers are now creating their own versions of fonts. This helps to create a unique appearance, and easily attracts the attention of users. Using unique fonts is also good to highlight important information. The latest trend in fonts is unique versions of lettering for highlighting, where different heights of letters are used in one word, as well as additional elements for decoration. Make sure that the font can adjust its size to the size of the device screen.
  • Using animation in 3D: Instead of providing a piece of information in text format, it is always best to give a 3D animation which is more engaging. Earlier, 3D animation was used for education purposes but now it is popularly used for product promotion or web promotion also. This allows users to enjoy the content easily without any buffering time, and it also makes the process of loading a page easier and convenient.
  • Cover up flaws with standout features: Imperfections are no longer unattractive and these can draw attention quickly. Asymmetrical web design or a strike out image can create an enticing look and make your website look authentic and unique. This is a new trend that helps to attract more users.
  • Minimalistic web design: Using several decorative elements on the website can easily distract the visitors and this can decrease the traffic to your website. To avoid this, web developers are now focusing on developing minimalistic web design. Most of the pages have only a few buttons or landing page application that you need to scroll down the page. This trend has already proven to increase usability; it makes navigation easier and creates less confusion for the visitors.
  • Use of Chatbots: In 2022, chatbots are expected to replace customer service. These Chatbots provide better human responses. Even in website design, chatbots may handle 90% of customer communication after filtering actional items.
  • Using layers and shadows: Using soft shadows, web designers can create a 3D illusion. This is a much simpler approach, and it also gives an opportunity to increase the level of interest in brands.

All of these web design trends are likely to rule in 2022. The main aim of such changes in web design is to ensure better functionality of websites. Some of these trends may disappear without having time to gain popularity. However, it is important to keep up with such changes to gain traffic, achieve better ranking and enhance page performance. The practical option is to reach out to providers of responsive web design services to keep up with the changing web design trends and stand out among competitors.

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