Top 5 XML Sitemap Generator Tools for SEO

by | Published on Sep 11, 2023 | SEO

An Extensible Markup Language (XML) sitemap is a file that you upload to your website that identifies the pages you want search engines to index. It provides information about the structure of your website. Since they make it easier for search engines to find your newly added and updated pages, XML sitemaps are crucial for search engine optimization (SEO). This format makes it simpler to store URL data and easier for search engines to digest the data.

An XML sitemap generator tool is a software or online service designed to create XML sitemap files for websites automatically. These tools are used by website owners and webmasters to simplify the process of generating sitemaps, which help search engines like Google, Bing, and others index the content of their websites more efficiently. Since an XML sitemap is a crucial component of SEO, it directly connects to the services offered by a search engine optimization company.

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Different XML SiteMap Generator Tools

You have two options for creating a sitemap: manually or with a tool.

The manual method can be used for small websites. But for websites with hundreds or thousands of pages, it can get tiresome. Tools can save a ton of time in such situations.

  • This is one of the best sitemap generator tools out there. This user-friendly tool can be used by just about anyone looking for a sitemap. Put the URL of your website into the available field and then tap START to get started. No waiting period is required and the sitemaps are generated immediately. You have the option of either downloading the sitemap as soon as it is available or get it through email. The best part is that you may utilize the free account right away without having to register. Another advantage of this tool is that you can manage many websites with the free account and submit sitemaps directly from the servers.Even better, updating the sitemaps doesn’t require re-uploading them each time. The free version of has limitations, including the number of pages it can crawl and the frequency of updates. Larger websites may need to opt for a paid plan.
  • Sure Oak: Using SureOak is really simple. This copy and paste sitemap generator is available online for free. Copy and paste the website’s URL into the box provided, then select “Generate my sitemap now” to start the process.
  • The program crawls the website’s pages and adds their URLs to the file. You can examine the sitemap file after it is complete before sending it to the search dashboard so that Google can readily access it. Additionally, you have the choice of downloading it to your device. SureOak decides the tags to use when creating your sitemap. These tags have a big impact on how Google perceives your websites. Utilizing the appropriate tags can improve the likelihood that your pages will get indexed and ranked.

  • SEO Spider: To start, you must first download the SEO Spider program, which is available free in lite form, for up to 500 URLs. For crawling more than 500 URLs, you can purchase an annual licence, which removes the crawl limit and makes the configuration options available.
  • Inspyder Sitemap creator: This is another easy-to-use sitemap generator. Inspyder’s Sitemap Creator can create sitemaps for even complex sites. It operates directly on your personal computer. You have the option to set up scheduled sitemap generation and receive an email notification once the sitemap is finished. Additionally, you can obtain the sitemap in various formats, including images and videos. After creating your XML sitemap automatically, this tool uploads it to your server and notifies you when it’s done.
  • WriteMaps: Like the previously mentioned visual tools, WriteMaps provides an uncomplicated interface and extensive customization features. Moreover, you can conveniently store previous sitemaps for better organization and easily share them with both internal teams and clients. When your sitemap is ready, you have the option to export it as either a PDF or an XML sitemap. You can add, rename, and rearrange your web pages using WriteMaps. You can also alter the color of the pages and undo and redo actions.

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A sitemap generator tool automates the production of an XML sitemap for your website. There are many other tools available besides the ones listed above, so do your research to discover the one that is best for you. Make sure it produces a genuine, properly formatted sitemap that you can upload and publish quickly. Businesses can increase their website’s exposure in search engine results, generating more organic traffic, and improving their SEO results by entrusting XML sitemap generation and optimization to a reliable search engine optimization company.

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