Three Minute Content Details That Can Make a Big Difference to Traffic

by | Published on Jul 7, 2020 | Content Writing Services

There’s no doubt about the importance of top-quality content for SEO. Whether it’s content for web pages, blogs or social media posts, there are minute aspects that make a vital difference in traffic, rankings and even conversions. You could work hard at content, but still not be able to make the cut because you miss out on some minute details. That’s why you need advanced content writing services.

It’s time to turn to the experts for insight. They often see things you don’t because you focus on your core area of operation which leads you to miss out on many aspects related to content, or aren’t quite aware about the various factors involved. Let’s take a look into three minute aspects of content that experts say you should pay attention to:

The Tone

Let’s start with the tone of your content. Just like how the tone of your speech determines the response you get from your listeners, the tone you put forward in your blog posts, articles and social media posts matters. The ideal tone is one that suits the action your target audience would typically want to carry out. The tone also depends on the action you intend to carry out with your content. As the following chart by Buzzer shows, there are so many tones you can use to get the desired response from readers, particularly in social media:

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You need research to find out what the right tone should be. What’s the whole purpose of the content? The tone you adopt should be based on that. You can break this down to a few questions:

  • Do you want your content to persuade your audience to do something?
  • Do you wish to influence them?
  • Do you want to instill trust in them?

Make sure your content doesn’t sound like a sales pitch. Disseminating information, piquing interest and engaging your audience are what your content must do. But within that broad list come the smaller details. That’s where tone becomes important.

Word Count

Now let’s move to the word count. This is a very important aspect of your content, if you’re talking blog posts and articles. Why is word count important? Because content submission sites, blogs and Google want to ensure that you aren’t just submitting some filler content, but something that has quality and is useful for those reading it.

You can check out the word count your competitors are maintaining. Generally, 2500 words is widely considered the ideal count. To provide that much, you need to pack in a great deal of information and research-based content. It shows that you are serious about the content you are presenting and that you have something really worth checking out.

Examples and Research

Back your data with examples. Examples do two things: they prove your point, and they make your theory easier to understand for your audience. They can make the difference between the great content and the poor one. For a great example, you must find out the problem that most concerns your target audience. That way, they can connect to you better.

You also need research to back your theory. Refer and quote from research papers, reliable online resources, books by recognized experts, and also your own research. This will lend weight to your content.

Digital marketing services include comprehensive content writing solutions for web pages, blogs, articles and social media posts. Experts can provide you informative content to catch the attention of your audience and get the response you are looking.

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