No Specific Target for Google’s New Broad Core Update

by | Published on Sep 26, 2019 | Google Algorithm Updates

Webmasters of healthcare websites often lose sleep over algorithm updates. Broad core updates do happen often, which is why medical search engine optimization focuses on ensuring high quality website content. Websites must have relevant, quality content along with other user-friendly features to ensure they don’t suffer rankings drops when these updates are launched.

Google announced a broad core algorithm update a few days back. It was released following an advance notice it tweeted to webmasters and SEOs. The gradual rollout would happen over a few days. Danny Sullivan tweeted that, since other updates are also happening simultaneously, he was be sure when the update would stop. 

Google Announces Broad Core Update in Advance for the Second Time

This is the second time Google is announcing broad core updates in advance. They have probably realized that webmasters are completely caught off-guard when they suddenly see their rankings drop one fine day without any warning. Often, it’s through forum discussions and tweets that webmasters realize an update has happened. Sometimes, Google confirms an update while responding to tweets. 

Update Has no Particular Target

As per Google’s guidance, there isn’t any unique objective behind this update, except what’s common among all updates. Ranking drops or gains could be quite noticeable, but Google has mentioned before that the pages that have ranking drops aren’t actually being penalized. Instead, they’re being assessed with newer web content published after Google’s last update.

That’s why some established sites see their high rankings drop. It’s because Google feels that some newer published content has more relevance to the particular keywords or search phrases and serves user needs better. Sites with ranking drops may sometimes have to wait till the next update to recover fully, and these broad core updates are usually rolled out every few months.

How to Recover if Affected by a Core Update

If you’ve been hit with a core update, what you need to do is improve your content and make it relevant and the best out there. That can help you recover from the impact of update though it isn’t guaranteed. When the next update comes, though, your content will be reassessed. With that, your rankings could rise. If you want to be insulated from these core updates, you need to analyze the content of your pages time to time and improve it by making it more relevant. You also need to ensure your website has a user-friendly interface and people are able to find stuff in your site faster. A quick loading, mobile responsive website is what you need. These “broad” updates are called so because they don’t target any specific factor in websites. They are rolled out to improve Google’s ranking algorithms. Experienced healthcare digital marketing company provide medical SEO services help practices stay prepared for core updates and ensure they don’t suffer ranking drops. They also help affected sites recover soon.

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