Latest Trends in Mobile Application Development

by | Published on Jul 25, 2017 | Mobile App Development

Mobile app development plays a crucial role in enhancing your medical business as these help to engage with potential patients and healthcare customers. The world of technology has changed drastically, and now you have high-end technologies like IoT, cloud computing, Beacon and innovative devices like Google glass, and Apple Watches among others. In the present tech world a company providing mobile SEO services can develop customized apps.

Developing a mobile app is important for healthcare businesses because it allows healthcare consumers to have all information at their fingertips anywhere at any time. Competition is fierce in the mobile market, and you must have innovative features in your own apps to stay ahead of the competition. A medical software development company will have excellent knowledge of the current mobile app development trends such as the following that are important to ensure the success of the app.

  • App security: Security for mobile apps is an important element. Healthcare applications can create major security violations. Security risk can arise from many factors such as the growing popularity of mobile wallets, increasing use of mobile devices, the Internet of Things, and the practice of BYOD or Bring Your Own Device in organizations.
  • Growing digital payment: Today digital payment service is increasing rapidly and Apple and Google wallets have highly advanced mobile payments that have gained popularity. Other mobile payment apps like Android Pay and Samsung Pay are to be released. These types of apps are designed to ensure safe and secure digital payments through mobiles.
  • Increased cloud computing: Cloud computing is advantageous because of the many features it offers such as flexibility, scalability, power processing capability, better data storage and so on. This can provide productive development platforms that are advantageous for app developers. It also increases application development by speeding up the development process and allows easy implementation of cloud technology in mobile applications. There are many cloud-driven apps like Dropbox, Google Drive etc. More apps are likely to be developed.
  • Enterprise applications: Most medical businesses are now in the process of developing mobile apps and around 40 percent of them are earning profit. Mobile apps provide the business a platform to promote their products and services. This improves productivity and efficiency, and reaches a large number of mobile users.
  • IoT and wearables: The latest trends in mobile apps are wearables that have brought in advanced features to mobile technology. Many fashionable wearables, such as fitness tracking app in Apple watches to track fitness, are available. Incorporating wearable technology in products and services will provide more benefits to businesses. There are various statistics that show that IoT (Internet of Things) will play an important role in the upcoming years.
    • There will be billions of people and things that will be connected to each other by the next five years.
    • IoT products and services will be very profitable
    • More that 30 percent of growth in the global IoT market is expected by 2019.
  • IoT has been integrated into various businesses and it is going to be used on sensor systems and private cloud accounts in the future.

  • Increased Beacon technology and different location-based services: Beacon technology has gained a lot of popularity and it has enabled applications and websites to get to the user’s location and share customized ads to attract healthcare customers. Today, location-based Wi-Fi services including Beacon are popular that can ensure huge profit.

Providers of medical SEO services design and develop mobile apps for medical professionals, hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare entities. They offer customized and responsive apps that help to reach out to the targeted audience.

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