Landing Page vs Home Page – What’s the Difference?

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Both the home page and landing page are important aspects of a website, but there is a common misconception that they are the same. They are not. These pages are separate and distinct.  Landing page vs. home page – what’s the fundamental difference? It’s the goal. The goal of the home page is to provide all information about the company in a nutshell. On the other hand, the landing page allows visitors to learn about products and services that your company offers. SEO outsourcing companies help businesses build optimized web pages to attract organic search engine traffic for specific keywords.

What is Home Page?

Home Page

There’s a lot of truth in the statement: the first impression is the best impression. In the case of a website, the home page makes the first impression and makes people want to browse the website. The home page is considered the starting point of a website. If the website is a book, the home page is its preface. It is the front page of a website that visitors see when they enter the site by clicking on the URL.

The home page also provides links to the other pages of the website. The home page can be controlled by web managers to direct the user experience. The home page is located in the root directory of the website, and has different options such as about us, products, services, contacts and so on that helps the visitors to explore different sections of the website.

Importance of the Home Page

There are many reasons why the homepage is an important part of a website:

  • Most frequently visited page on the site
  • Creates the first impression
  • Helps visitors to get an idea about your business

To improve the user experience:

  • Keep the homepage design simple
  • Provide maximum information in a nutshell
  • Showcase your brand

How to Create a Good Homepage

Following these strategies can help you create a good home page:

  • Make sure the layout is clean and easy to navigate
  • Include high resolution and lightweight images
  • Ensure that the color scheme and background color blend together perfectly
  • The CTA (Call To Action) button should be clear and short, and tempts visitors to click and take necessary action
  • Contain good content that is updated whenever needed
  • Provide an overview about your business
  • Provide proper links to other crucial permanent pages like service pages, blogs and contact pages on the site.
  • Include different ways visitors can contact your business

What is a Landing Page?

Landing Page

The landing page is a standalone page in a website where visitors get specific information. They can land on the landing page after clicking the link provided in an email, ads or social media platforms. They can also land on a page by clicking on the internal links in the website. Unlike the home page, landing pages are designed for a single or specific goal or purpose called Call-To-Action (CTA).

Once the visitors land on the specific page on the website, then they are encouraged to take actions like purchasing the product. The landing pages is the best option for increasing conversion rates. It is constructed for SEO purposes, which is to get organic traffic to the website. The major elements of landing page are social proof, proposition, Call-to-Action and benefits. A sign up landing page has one specific conversion goal: to get visitors to sign up for a service.

There are different types of landing pages such as:

  • Lead generation landing page
  • Click-through landing page
  • Sales page
  • Squeeze page

Importance of the Landing Page

Like the home page, landing pages have many goals:

  • Directly support the business
  • Increase conversion rate
  • Provide data and insights
  • Improve paid search campaigns
  • Grow the email list
  • Increase credibility
  • Improve brand awareness

Strategies to Create a Good Landing Page

  • Design the landing page in a way to attract traffic from the clicks on an ad on Google or via email
  • Have a persuasive CTA that prompts visitors to perform a specific action
  • Stay focused on a single topic
  • Don’t include a navigation option in the landing page as in the home page

Landing Page vs Home Page

The main difference between home page and landing page is that the former is browser-friendly while the latter is specific action oriented. Both have separate goals to accomplish. The primary goal of the home page is to describe the brand, build trust, and promote the brand. On the other hand, the landing page is more specific. Instead of promoting the brand, the landing page promotes a particular product, service or offer.

The home page is the front page of the website while the landing page is a standalone page specifically used to accomplish a campaign goal. The home page contains many links that connect to the other pages, while the landing page does not provide multiple links.

Another important difference between the home page and the landing page is in terms of CTA. The landing page should have a strong CTA as it is focused on increasing conversions. Home pages may have multiple CTAs that are focused on different goals, like helping visitors learn more about the brand, to check out the products, etc.

The other difference between the home page and landing page is in terms of navigation menu. A Landing page doesn’t require the option for navigation while the home page does.

Key Differences : Home Page vs Landing Page

Homepage Landing page
Need navigation option Doesn’t require navigation option
Traffic comes from different sources Traffic comes from ads
Promoting website browsing Have specific goal
Only contain what’s important Can be duplicated, tweaked and so on
Break into several sections for brand introduction Mainly focus on a single section of a brand in detail
Demonstrating on brand services Can include specific offers
Attract organic traffic Create traffic through conversion
Strong CTA is not necessary Should have strong CTA
Contain internal as well as external links No internal or external links would include
Contains core details of the business like address, phone number, office hours and so on Doesn’t require these details
Focuses on introducing the business to the visitors Focuses on converting visitors to leads, subscribers, download and so forth.

A digital marketing agency would be well aware of the differences between the landing page and the home page. Local SEO companies that provide content writing services ensure that these pages are designed to help businesses attract organic traffic.

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