Is Social Media Activity Important For The Success Of SEO?

by | Published on Dec 24, 2021 | SEO

Social media exposure has an indirect impact on SEO, but it can positively influence the SEO efforts of the businesses and marketers. The content ranking strategy of Google depends upon the authenticity and relevance of the content. Besides, useful backlinks will give additional value to the content. Marketing in this digital era cannot dissociate Social Media from SEO practices. So, by outsourcing social media marketing, your social media profiles can be managed in a very efficient manner by consistently connecting with the customers through informative posts and infographics. “The Happy News is that an active social media presence can help realize your SEO goals.”

Let your brand’s website rank higher with best SEO practices!

In this digital era, it is vital for businesses and marketers to have an active online presence. Here comes the role of a search engine optimization company which can help your website rank higher in Google Search results by attracting organic traffic. Best SEO practices have the dual benefit of marketing your products and services in a cost-effective manner, and also assuring customers about the credibility of your brand.

The success of a business entity depends on how well it understands the requirements of prospects and customers. The judicious use of well-researched keywords will help to understand the needs of potential customers. But it is equally important to have an active social media presence because it ensures a tangible presence of the website by boosting its visibility.

How social media marketing helps grow your business

  • Drives organic traffic to the websitePosting engaging and informative content on social media platforms will attract readers. The link of the website or blog should be shared along with the social media posts. This is a great way to drive organic traffic to your website.
  • Helps to efficiently target potential customersSocial media signals like shares, tweets, and likes on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram show how well the brand has reached out to the customers. The comments, likes and shares can be considered as mini-reviews, and these show the traits and preferences of the customers.

    potential customers

  • Makes your brand recognizedIt is very important to spread the word about your business among potential customers. Targeted advertisement is required for creating brand awareness. It can be done through social media platforms by partnering with a reliable social media marketing agency. These agencies will ensure better ROI by managing your social media profiles and promoting the expertise of the brand.

    brand recognized

  • Make the customers confident about your brandIt is fundamental for brands to build trust among the customers. Through social space there is direct interaction between the salespersons and the customers. The positive reviews aired online prove the expertise of the businesses and thereby shows the authenticity of the brand.

    customer review

  • Broadened network increases leads and salesBy expanding the social media networks, businesses can discover new customers and establish meaningful rapport with existing customers. The number of social media users has increased significantly. For example, a contact on your Instagram business account can get converted as your customer. So, if social selling is not incorporated in your marketing strategy, you will lose social media-savvy customers.
  • Being social to make real human connectionsBy having concrete interactions with fans and followers, you can understand how your customers are benefiting from your products or services. Social media channels give you the opportunity to show your customers how you embrace your brand values.
  • Creating a lasting impression about your nicheCustomers should recall your brand when they think about the niche you are specializing in. Viral social media posts show that the content has resonated well with the audience. Social media marketers often use unique posts to attract readers.

Social Media Marketing and SEO Practices: Intertwined Aspects of Digital Marketing

There is no direct impact of social media campaigning on Google’s search result rankings. Google’s search algorithm doesn’t consider the social signals garnered by the website. However, better social media management can give a huge fillip for the SEO goals. The social media platforms act as a bridge linking the content and the customers.

There is a misconception among businesses and marketers that social media and SEO are two separate entities. On a daily basis, tons of content are published and it is very difficult for your website to get ranked higher on Google. So, brand exposure is crucial and this can be attained by engaging with your customers through the right social media platforms.

Social media engagement matters for SEO in the following ways:

  • Enhances your brand’s online visibility:Through social media platforms, you can ask for reviews and feedback of your products or services. These testimonials can drive organic traffic to your website because people often look for product reviews and this in turn can land them on your website. Choosing the ideal social media for promoting your brand is a marketing tactic which is essential for the success of your business. By outsourcing social media marketing to make your brand popular, you can gain new customers.
  • Increased life span of your content:Consistent posting of content on social media platforms with shareable link of your website makes it relevant and increases the usability in the future too. One of the core goals of SEO practices is to increase the durability of the content.
  • Social Media is required for increased link building:Google eyes the authority of a particular website for ranking it higher. If the content is informative, you can get authentic and diverse external links that point to your website. Social media platforms make use of influencer marketing because there are high chances of influencers linking your content to their website. These high-quality links send signals to Google that your website is authentic and authoritative.
  • Increased branded searches:Social media platforms broaden content distribution and optimize social profiles. You are able to convey the tone, ethics, and purpose of the brand. Social media marketing agencies work to increase the social credibility of the brand through referral traffic. Adding FAQs earned through social media engagement can boost the brand searches.

    brand research

  • The Google-Twitter PartnershipBetter utilization of Twitter helps your tweets appear among Google Search results.

Social media optimization and best SEO practices act as the twin pillars for the success of a business. Ensuring posting of quality content with consistency can give valuable insights about your business.

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