Is Bragging on Social Media Good or Bad for Medical Practices?

by | Published on Dec 13, 2018 | Social Media Optimization

Medical businesses have now realized the importance of social media marketing and with new changes to Google’s search algorithm, it is more important than ever for medical businesses to engage in social media to boost medical SEO. Building up presence on social media platforms is the best way to support your marketing plan. Studies have shown that today patients seek medical information and recommendations on social media sites. Being active on social media helps to increase your medical practice’s or business’ online visibility, and also increases traffic to your medical website.

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Social media is a platform where you can get your prospects to know more about your services, attract new customers and promote your business. But randomly posting and bragging can be harmful for businesses. This is because people do not like braggarts and find them to be very annoying. Boasting on social media is seen by millions of people with all degrees of relationships with you, and too much bragging can damage your reputation. Although bragging has many negative effects, it could have a positive psychological effect if the bragging is followed by its acknowledgement by your social media network.

Saying something positive about yourself motivates you, similarly reading a congratulatory message or a positive comment is a motivation. Psychological research shows that bragging can provide a motivational jolt. Bragging is a form of self enhancement and it produces interesting effects. It leads people to have exaggerated ideas about how much control they have over events in their lives. It helps to see yourselves and your actions more influential than they are. Bragging also provides an optimistic view about the future. Boasting or bragging may not be a motivation in the long run but in the short run it is an effective way of business promotion.

Another advantage of bragging is that it receives acknowledgment on social media from your social network. Getting a positive feedback from your social media followers can boost your self esteem. Research on Instagram posts has shown that getting likes for a post improves brain activity in the areas that process information about rewards.

To derive benefits from bragging in the short run it is important to boast strategically. Boasting needs to be used prudently and one should also be aware of it negative effects. It is important to boast in such a way that it can minimize its negative social effects and also maximize its positive psychological effects.

In short, the best ways to brag on social media is by:

  • Giving valuable information in the boast.
  • Brag about a topic that is close to your identity.
  • Make a specific and narrow claim.
  • Signal your competence in the domain that is important.

Self promoting on social media can be lesser or in a greater degree, but it is all about what you want to show the world. Social media can be best used for communicating your expertise, and showing your strengths or competence. But what is more important is how we brag about ourselves. The best way is to maximize the information, value those information and provide it to those who read your feed. Do not brag aimlessly. Today almost all healthcare and medical businesses have a social media presence in one or other form but they do not know how to handle it properly. A reliable medical SEO service could help create an effective and profitable social media strategy to market your medical business. It would help improve visibility, bring targeted traffic to your website and ensure credibility.

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