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How to Use Social Media for Content Marketing in the Healthcare Industry

by | Last updated Jun 1, 2023 | Published on May 2, 2017 | Content Writing Services

Health content marketing is a crucial element of medical SEO and it is an effective way of engaging with potential patients or healthcare customers. For effective content marketing, create content based on the needs of your potential patients. If you own a healthcare business, it is important to have a medical website and a good content marketing strategy for better online presence and to help search engines find your website easily.

Plan Your Content Strategy

Content can be of any type- a blog post, newsletter, press release, case studies, ebooks, infographics etc and blogs tend to perform better. Before creating content think about content strategy. Identify what the customer wants and then create content that serves to answer all the queries of consumers. Healthcare providers should realize the importance of planning a medical business website that includes a well-developed content strategy.

For instance, if you run a pain management center, your content should focus on providing the right answers to consumer queries on health conditions causing pain and weakness. They should also be able to find solutions to their specific issues, and should be encouraged to visit your facility for treatment. Testimonials from your patients are very important in this regard. Moreover, the content you develop should be transparent and convincing enough so that the consumer develops trust and confidence in your services.

Use Social Media Platforms

Facebook is the most effective social media platform for content marketing as it reaches a wide range of users easily. Similarly, Twitter is also a platform like Facebook for quick audience engagement. However, it does not offer the same level of interaction as Facebook. It is ideal for posting news and announcements or quick sharing of press release, video etc. The third option is Pinterest which is a good option as it is a popular platform for health, fitness, nutrition content and so on. It is also popular among the primary healthcare decision makers.

Content with videos and images is highly engaging compared to plain written text. This is because it helps users to easily understand your message. These tactics focus more on visual appeal than written content. Use of these simple tactics will help gain the attention of more targeted visitors to your medical website.

3 Best Social Circulation Practices

  • Whether you are sharing an e book or white paper or infographics, ensure that the content is transparent.
  • Maximize shareability of your content with the following strategies:
    • Make your content timely and relevant
    • Incorporate eye-catching videos and images
    • Mention well-known brands or healthcare professionals
    • Use hashtags for quick accessibility
    • Use a button that facilitates easing sharing
  • Use the right tools to improve social strategy, online presence and increase content sharing. Buffer and Pablo are examples of tools that help to streamline social sharing.

With the help of a medical SEO company, medical businesses can successfully engage in content marketing using social media with strategic techniques in order to attract the right consumers, and focus on providing good quality medical care.

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