How to Write Conversion Copy That Attracts Readers

by | Published on Mar 8, 2022 | Content Writing Services

Businesses that are strategizing their marketing efforts cannot ignore the value of user-centric content. In this digitally connected world, readers get hooked to quality the content tells the story of a brand or product which aligns with their needs. Powerful conversion copy is not only about quality content but also about content that drives the reader to take a specific action. Conversion doesn’t necessarily mean an action that leads a visitor to make a purchase. The specific sets of actions potential customers ought to take are:

  • respond to the call-to-action button
  • subscribe to website updates
  • fill an online form
  • make a phone call
  • scroll other pages of the website

However, when marketers try to heavily promote the product without getting connected to the customer, chances are high that your copy will go unnoticed.  Also, websites that provide an excellent user experience and are trustworthy are ranked higher by Google’s search engine algorithm. A concrete SEO strategy with the help of an organic SEO company is essential for driving traffic to your website.

Conversions play an important role in building the authority of your brand and generating revenue.  Conversion marketing with quality copywriting is crucial to converting existing traffic into paying customers. Here are 15 strategies to write conversion copy that attracts readers:

1. Identify the target audience

To grab the attention of the readers, it is important to reach out to the audience by creating personalized experiences. This can be done by understanding potential buyers. Target audiences are a group of specific customers who are interested in your product. They can be identified based on age, gender, income, location, interests and other factors. Creating customer personas by analyzing customer behavior can help find your target audience. Even though customer behavior is sometimes unpredictable, proper tracking can help you get a clear picture of the prospects.

How to Write Conversion Copy That Attracts Readers

2. Understand the consumer’s awareness level

While writing conversion copy, it is important to know the awareness of the visitor about the brand or product you are marketing. The awareness level of the visitors can be categorized into the following five categories:

  • Readers who are unaware that they have a problem.
  • Readers who know about the problem but are clueless about the solution.
  • Readers who have a clear picture of the problem and its solution but are unaware that your product can provide the required solution.
  • Readers who know that your product delivers the solution they are looking for but is unsure whether to go with it or not.
  • Readers who are loyal customers of your brand and waiting for the right opportunity to purchase the product.

How to Write Conversion Copy That Attracts Readers

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It is important to grade the content you write based on the awareness level of the target audience. For example, to target users who are fully aware about the solution, you need to use specific keywords that are different from readers who are unaware of the solution.

3. Grab the attention of the readers with eye-catchy headlines

Good conversion copy will convey the goal of the product in the headline. The headlines should be catchy, creative and converting. It should be a compelling headline that makes people want to read the entire content. A strong headline entices the readers to click.

    • Tips to write an effective headline:

      • Evoke emotions
      • Include target search terms
      • The title should not be vague. It should be specific in conveying what the product or brand is.

How to Write Conversion Copy That Attracts Readers

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4. Hook readers in the introduction

The introduction of the content must clearly convey the benefits of the product you are marketing. It should not be stuffed with just all the features of the product. The introduction should reflect the reasons for which the marketing copy should be read fully. The opening sentence should be precise and address why the reader should consider reading the content. Experts providing content writing services in NYC can ensure effective introductions that convert.

5. Ensure quality content

Gather as much information about your customers’ behavior. Structure content based on these needs. Along with an alluring call-to-action, content quality is crucial as Google crawls websites that have useful information. Ensuring quality content is an integral element of SEO strategies.

6. Use content that is conversational

Create content that humanizes your brand for social media platforms or email campaigns. The core focus while writing compelling copy is to engage with the readers. It can be done effectively by using the word “you” or “your”. This can create a closer connection with the readers and at the same time, readers feel that your business is approachable. Simply put, copy should speak about your business in a friendly way that connects with your audience.

How to Write Conversion Copy That Attracts Readers
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7. Give specific information with the help of facts and statistics

 The content should have specific facts and figures to depict the quantifiable data. Businesses can be successful only if they are able to build authority and credibility among customers or prospects. For gaining trust, it is important to add concrete, verifiable statistics and figures. However, the content should not be saturated with this data as it can make it dry and boring. Add data that supports the business.

8. Use verbs that prompt the reader to take action

Potential customers are persuaded to take specific action by giving a written directive called call-to-action. If you add actionable verbs throughout the content, it can inspire prospects to purchase the product. The addition of verbs like launch, create, explore etc., will make the content look lively and readers are likely to respond to this positively. Communicating in this manner will make readers feel connected to the brand or product.

9. Keep your content concise

The content should be short and crisp. You have to convince your readers within a matter of seconds. Your copy should convey what you want to accomplish in a precise manner, and encourage readers to take the next step. If the copy is too lengthy and complex, it might distract them and make them leave the website. Your ideas should provide value and be conveyed in a way that resonates with the reader.  For example, conversion copy for a fashion blog is entirely different from conversion copy for an electronic devices blog.

10. Include a Compelling Call-to-action

A call-to-action can be an image, a button for enabling phone call/ subscription or a line of text which is intended for prompting the desired action from the readers. It can boost conversion rates by drawing visitors’ attention. This marketing technique piques the interest of the reader and guides them with an action-focused approach to take the next step. It can be made more effective by creating a sense of urgency by using phrases like “limited period offer”.

11. Setting the tone of the copy

In conversion copywriting, it is important to bring out positive emotions in readers. The tone of the copy should align with the voice of your brand which in turn should engage the reader in a positive manner. In nutshell, the goal of the copy and the requirements of the reader should converge.

12. Implement best SEO practices

Conversion copy should be accessible to potential customers. Your content might have all the qualities of a powerful conversion copy but if it not optimized for SEO, it will not get ranked higher on SERPs. If it cannot ensure the visibility of your product or brand, your conversion efforts would be futile. Reach out to an expert search engine optimization company that can effectively integrate natural keywords into copy that will connect with the readers.

13. Give social proof

Adding testimonials, media coverage and reviews about your brand in the copy will provide proof that your product or brand is trustworthy. People tend to purchase a product when someone recommends it. Include testimonials about your product on the landing page. Create a separate section for customer reviews. Including mediocre reviews can boost your credibility!

How to Write Conversion Copy That Attracts Readers

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14. Present your marketing goals with visuals

Visuals can gain the attraction of the readers faster. Use images and videos when where you want to emphasize the benefits of using your product. This can enhance the performance of the copy compared to using just subtle text content.

15. Test the performance of your copy

Create copies with variations and then check for the conversion rates and then choose the market copy that converts. Readers care more about the value-oriented copy than the process-oriented copy.

Conversion copywriting is challenging as you have to constantly engage readers. A full service digital marketing agency NYC can help you grow your business with the right SEO strategies and powerful conversion copy tactics.

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