How to Write a Compelling Meta Description

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Meta description is an HTML element that describes and summarizes the contents of a web page for the benefit of users and search engines. A good meta description helps your pages to stand out, which can boost your organic click through rate (CTR). All pages on a website can hold and share metadata including the URL, descriptions, and title. Optimizing meta description is crucial for better search engine optimization. It helps Google rank pages.

Google generates page titles and descriptions or snippets automatically and considers both the content of a page and references to it that appear on the web. Snippet and title aim to describe each result and explain how it relates to the user’s query. Google at times usestag content to generate snippets, if the content provides users a more accurate description than can be taken directly from the page content. You can suggest content for the snippets either by creating rich results or via meta description tags.

Google’s own explanation of what it considers and tries to do when developing search result snippets is: “We use a number of different sources for this information, including descriptive information in the title and meta tags for each page. We may also use publicly available information or create rich results based on markup on the page.”

Both your and Google’s goal is to make sure that the entire search result snippet-including the title-reflects what users will find on that page.

While meta tags that are embedded in the HTML are not a SERP ranking factor, URLs, titles, and description can affect the page’s on-site SEO.

meta description

Here are Some Meta Description Examples

meta description example

We have provided a short but easy to understand description that gives readers an idea of our services.

example description

How to Make Meta Description Unique?

Stay Interesting

Make sure your description is compelling and gets more clicks. It is important that you don’t bore visitors. Your best bet is to keep people interested. To do so, use the active voice.

wordpress plugins

Looking at the example above, you’ll see that this provides a momentous push for the reader. It’s succinct, without unnecessary details that could turn off the reader. So, avoid lengthy descriptions and follow the right length, may be between 120 to 156 characters. Most snippets in search results fall under this length. However, it is the search engine giant that decides what to display in search results. It may show the entire description or just grab key sentences from the content.

Try a Compelling Call to Action

Make sure that your call-to-action message will persuade your visitors to take the right action; it may not be an easy task.

Consider the “free trial” CTA tactic, as in this example.

free trial

Either you can give your readers a straight shot or provide a thorough description with a call to action at the end, inviting the reader to learn more about your services.

linked in



Whatever tactic you choose, make sure to find a way that is unique and engaging to your audience. The ultimate goal is to signal value and further their interest, not necessarily get them to buy something.

This takes us to the topic of keywords.

Meta Keywords

Your SEO team might have done a deep keyword research and created a list of highly as well as less competitive keywords to be used in your blog posts, landing pages or product pages. Do not limit your keyword usage to these sections. Use relevant keywords in your page’s meta description content too. It is the metadata that signals to Google what your page is all about.


Make sure you use keywords in a natural way that give searchers an idea of what your page is about. In metadata, keywords are generally written in lower case.

  • Separate keywords using commas
  • Keep your list of keywords or keyword phrases down to ten or fifteen unique keywords or phrases
  • Do not repeat the words or phrases which you use
  • Place your most important words or phrases at the beginning of your list

To makes the keyword implementation process simpler, consider using Yoast SEO Plugin for WordPress sites. Yoast Plugin also reminders users to establish a focus keyword meta description.

Implement Structured Data

By implementing structured data, you can smarten your description on the search engine results page.

Neil Patel’s blog has highlighted a clear example of structured data in a Yoast page –

structured data


example structure data

You can start working on structured data by implementing reviews in your meta description, which is a clear signal for your viewers to find valuable content on the site. Consider providing content based on user behavior or you can set up structured data for your branded website as a whole with your logo and company details.

Meta descriptions play a key role in SEO and are a part of the overall user experience of your site. Unique and accurate descriptions are important to boost click-throughs from search engine results to your website. Make sure the SEO company you rely on can provide professional content writing services, which helps you stand apart from your competitors.

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