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Regarded as an important element of any digital marketing campaign, content marketing helps establish brand reputation and lets you connect with specific audience groups. Nowadays, businesses are giving huge emphasis to content marketing as an effectual way to expand customer base and build positive brand profile. Whether it is medical SEO or SEO for other business sectors, generating optimized and attractive content can be challenging.

Earlier, blog posts were the sole method of posting content. However, with changing times, there are different types of content writing services like – podcasts, videos, infographics, social media, eBooks and more that help to boost SEO rankings. In fact, repurposing podcast content is a smart strategy to transform existing episodes into new mediums. It helps to discover new audiences and keeps current listeners engaged by uniquely packaging the content that was already created. By repurposing podcast content for blogs, you can stretch one single episode into multiple engaging posts and achieve the goal of consistently providing engaging content to the audience.

Importance of Repurposing Podcast Content

According to Edison Research, about 32 percent of Americans tend to listen to a podcast in a month. Incorporating this promotional strategy is likely to put your show among this pool of listeners. But what about the remaining 68 percent of the total population? Repurposing podcast content for new channels like blogs can help acquire the rest of the untapped audience groups and make them familiar with your brand.

While the most important benefit of repurposing podcast content comes down to audience growth and retention, there are several other benefits like the following-

  • Improve SEO Value – Repurposing your podcast content into written material can help improve the total SEO value. Search engines easily crawl blog posts and articles, helping your episode content to rank higher in search results. In addition, there are options to include internal links to other written content that potentially increases the authority of the page. As people search for answers related to a specific topic that you have created, you have a better chance of being discovered and hooking a new listener.
  • Increase Brand Awareness – Generally, people have a tendency to analyze brand messaging before accessing your content. Consistently popping up in their feeds or search results with unique and engaging brand outlooks will build trust and ultimately attract new listeners to check out your show.
  • Build Credibility – Building credibility is an important benefit of repurposing your podcast content. Repurposing will help explain episode content in multiple ways. This makes it easier for different types of people to understand your key points and see you as an authority in your space.

How to Repurpose Podcasts into Quality Blog Posts

As mentioned above, running a blog alongside your podcast has tons of benefits. From improving SEO value to enhancing your authority within your niche. In fact, blogs are an effective way to diversify your content and gain the much-required SEO traction. Blog posts can also make your content much more accessible to your audience as it can be consumed in a readable format when listening is not always a viable option. In addition, a blog is a great way to reach a whole new audience, and which you can later convert to new listeners.

But with so much content floating around cyberspace, making people take notice of your specific content can be challenging, and which requires a whole new focus. Discussed below are some important tips or strategies on how to convert your podcast into high-quality blog posts –

  • Set Clear Goals in Mind – Blogs can boost discoverability of a brand in many ways. Therefore, each specific post you write should essentially focus on – search engine optimization (SEO), guest promotion (highlighting guests’ best ideas and quotes so they want to share the post) and thought leadership (focusing brand’s best ideas to encourage fans to engage and share). SEO requires a more comprehensive approach within a single episode. Make sure to optimize a blog post by expanding on the topic and using quotes and ideas from the podcast as support.
  • Identify your Target Audience – Just as you create content for your podcast, whenever creating a blog post, it is important to keep your target audience in mind. For instance, if the basic plan is to use the blog posts to channel readers to your podcast, your audience group will be quite like the audience which already exists around your show. Understanding this aspect will help you analyze what will appeal to that audience in terms of a blog. Create a search on what the target audiences or aligned audiences are looking for in terms of your topic or niche, and then create your content to meet that need.
  • Create Attention-Grabbing Headlines – Creating attention-grabbing headlines is one of the best ways to increase the odds of people clicking through your blog posts. The heading created should be interesting, informative, intriguing and descriptive. It should convey the message in a clear manner and let potential readers know the content in the blog post is exactly what they were searching for.

In fact, there are some unique tools like Google Trends that help check whether the headlines are attention-grabbing and can also help you find out exactly what people are looking for within your niche. By doing this, the relative chances of your blog post to pop up as a search result will be higher.

  • Design your Content – Now that the blog post you create is an extension of your podcast, there will be huge and valuable amount of amazing content to extract from. Repurposing the podcast content means – a huge portion of the work has already been done. By making creative editing and additions, podcast transcriptions can be easily converted into a stand-out blog post. While creating a blog post with great content is important, how that content is displayed is equally important. Here are some ways to make the audience stay engaged with the content right to the end. –
    • Use Eye-Catching Images – Placing eye-catching visual elements like photos, infographics or other types of images are key to grabbing and holding viewers’ attention and converting casual users to engaged users. This is an effective way to boost the message being shared thereby making it stick in the minds of the readers for a much longer time.
    • Use Headings and Subheadings – Break up the text with clear headings and subheadings. Breaking the text up into smaller sections makes the content look more appealing, and makes the readers stay engaged the whole way.modifier
  • Focus on SEO Aspect – Blog posts are mainly written for two purposes. The primary focus is the reader searching for the content. The second point of focus is search engine optimization.

For the blog posts to direct traffic to the podcast, it is important for the blog to be easily found by the potential listeners. Including high-potential SEO keywords in the title as well as throughout the blog posts can help maximize search engine optimization. Focusing on SEO value requires that the content is found and seen by the right eyes, as well as making sure that the podcast gets to the right ears.

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Here are some ways to focus on the SEO aspect –

  • Blog Tags – Adding tags to your blog post can help boost SEO and provide more insight into what type of content a user will be reading. Tags help categorize the written content of blogs, making it easier for people to find what they are looking for online and add more value to your posts.
  • Include Links – Including links (both external and internal) within the blog is another important strategy. External links help build your authority by supporting your points. Internal links, on the other hand, help establish brand credibility. Including links to blog posts and to some of the podcast episodes shows readers that you have plenty of great content for them to examine (both on the blog as well as on the podcast).
  • Incorporate a Call to Action in the Blog – Keeping the end goal in mind is one of the important aspects of creating a successful blog. In case of creating a blog to link to a podcast, the focus should be to direct as many readers as possible to the page and make them become a part of the podcast community. This can be done by incorporating a “call to action” on the blog page (typically done at the end of a post) that clearly directs the reader as to what step they need to take next. Make sure to add links to all the pages where the podcast can be found.
  • Practice a Healthy Blogging Habit – While creating unique blog posts, the focus should be consistency in the publishing of valuable, engaging, and exciting content. High-quality blog posts will draw more attention with more people subscribing to the podcast. Therefore, while putting the time and effort into regularly writing blog posts along podcasts, it is equally important to invest some time on sharpening your writing skills.

Look for other blog posts, or even some podcasts that are focused on helping to create standout blog content. The writing should always feel like a direct conversation with readers. To keep your brand consistent across platforms, match the tone of the blog post to the tone of a podcast episode.

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Analyzing the latest digital marketing trends and focusing on SEO along with quality content can help improve the relevance of the content. Creating a blog together with a podcast can be a challenging task. But at the same time, it is an excellent way to give additional value to your previously existing loyal followers, and to reach a whole new group of audience (who can later become a part of the podcast community).

Adopting some of the above proven strategies into your blogging practice can not only help in creating consistently unique blog posts, but also expand your reach and strengthen authority. Specialized content writing services in USA provided by a professional digital marketing company can help you create SEO-friendly, optimized content for your podcast that would help improve your brand reach.

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