How to Perform an Effective SEO Competitor Analysis

by | Published on Feb 2, 2017 | SEO

In order to gain more website traffic, medical businesses need to be updated constantly and kept dynamic, which can be effectively done with the support of a healthcare marketing firm. It is very important to find out what your competitors are doing to secure more targeted traffic. There are three major reasons why competitor analysis is critical:

  • You can identify their techniques that are successful
  • You can find opportunities for link building
  • You can find strategic advantages

Among the various techniques, identifying the SEO keywords that are in demand is the most important one. This is an SEO strategy that will give you a competitive advantage over other websites. You can do an SEO competitor analysis with the help of a search engine marketing company to understand the performance of your website. This technique will help you to compare your website with other top performing websites, give you innovative ideas to structure your website and stand ahead of other competitors.

So what are the important things to focus on when doing a competitor analysis?

  • SEO competitor data can be obtained with the help of certain innovative tools such as SpyFu, SimilarWeb, Ahrefs and SEMRush among others. These tools help in identifying important SEO keywords and also show you the position your competitor occupies in the search engine rankings. You also get information such as the total volume of traffic and other data.
  • The next step is to analyze their site optimization. For this you have to consider factors such as their keyword density, Meta information and internal linking.
  • Figure out which sites are ranking highest in Google and Bing. AWR Cloud is a tool that helps to find out which websites are top ranked for various SEO keywords. It also provides all the ranking content across various keywords. Export all of the relevant keywords and URLs as an .xls document, and each site can be analyzed thoroughly by their ranking keywords.
  • Next comes content analysis. Pages with more relevant content rank better. You need to create a page that is much better than your competitor’s that is ranking for your target keyword. When doing a content analysis, important aspects to consider include:
    • Word count: Google prefers long-form content. You can use the keyword density tool to find out the word length of your competitor pages and create something larger.
    • Media content: Find out whether your competitors use images and videos in their content to improve user experience.
    • Unique content: Ensure that your content is well-researched and uniquely crafted and is better than that of your competition.
    • Outbound links: When you have outbound links, it improves the credibility of your content and enables you to build relationships. In case your competitors don’t have outbound links, take advantage of the situation and do it for your site.
  • Analyze your competitors’ web design. Make sure that you have a better and more distinctive design that is mobile friendly as well to ensure local optimization.
  • Study their social media activity, and build up your own social media engagement to develop relationships, interact with customers and market your products and services. See how they fare as regards video marketing and improve your video marketing strategies accordingly.
  • Analyze their Google My Business page to find out whether they update their page on a regular basis, whether they have images and reviews, how many people are following their page and whether their posts have engagement.
  • Study their back links in order to identify link opportunities and determine whether you should replicate their link profile.
  • Another important thing is to analyze your competitors’ offline marketing efforts such as direct mail, newspaper ads, radio/TV/movie ads, billboard ads and trade shows/conferences. These are important because these may persuade prospective customers to search for more information about a brand on Google and other major search engines.

A website marketing company can assist you in accurately analyzing your competition and developing the best SEO strategies. SEO is highly dynamic, with Google and other search engines constantly updating their algorithms and vying to match the intent and objectives of users’ unique keyword searches. The first step in building a good SEO strategy is to do a comprehensive analysis of your competition. You need to identify what works well on your competitor websites, discover areas where you can outsmart them, and constantly keep adapting and adjusting your site to make the most of the latest changes as you move forward.

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