How to Choose the Right Focus Keyword

by | Published on Jul 13, 2022 | Content Writing Services, SEO

Have you come across the word ‘focus keyword’ while writing content for blogs? You might have. Well, focus keywords are those words or phrases that people frequently use to search on the internet and writers focus on such keywords for getting higher ranks on the SERP (Search Engine Result Page). The focus keywords are finalized by conducting keyword research. Thus, the content writers at content writing service companies would develop content centered keywords on their works for improving the rank of the post or page. However, how would you land up in effective and right focus keywords for your business or online content? Let’s discuss in detail.

What Are Focus Keywords?

As mentioned earlier, focus keywords or key phrases are search terms that help your page or post to rank higher on the SERP. In every industry, key phrases are necessary to secure a top position on the SERP. They are the possible words or phrases people use to search on search engines like Google to get their desired result. These keywords have to be included several times throughout the webpage or the article. It would help them to appear on the top of the search results. As more people visit your webpage, the traffic to your website would also witness a visible surge.

Importance of Focus keywords

Keywords play an important role in boosting the performance of a blog or a website. Focus keywords in SEO help to draw the attention of the targeted audience. In other words, if you want to boost the ranking of a particular key phrase, you should focus particularly on that keyword while writing content. If you write unique, informative and focused content, it would surely boost the ranking of the page or website.

How to Choose the Right Focus Keywords

Finding the right keyword before writing content is important. The right focus keywords would help your content to hit the right target point. Thus, while choosing right and effective focus keywords, it is better to follow a simple rule called Keyword Tripod Law.

Keyword Tripod Law is a simple law for selecting focus keywords based on Popularity, rank and relevance. Let’s discuss in detail.

  • Popularity of the keyword

While selecting relevant keywords, you must have a perfect keyword strategy. It would help you give some ideas about what you are going to write about. If you don’t have any keyword strategy, you should create one. When you are in the process of searching for focus keywords while setting up a keyword strategy, it is necessary to check the popularity of the keywords. In other words, always try to choose keywords that people are searching for more often.

  • Rankability

Rankability or the difficulty level of the keyword determines how hard a particular keyword would rank in SEO. As the difficulty level of the keyword increases, it would affect the entire ranking of the blog or page. Thus, it is always better to choose keywords with less to moderate difficulty level to get a desirable rank.

  • Relevance

Using relevant keywords in your content is necessary for meeting your goal. If you use irrelevant keywords in your content, it would affect the ranking as well as credibility of the page. In other words, the keywords that you are selecting should match search intent.

The other factors you should consider are as follows:

  • Analyze the keywords used in your competitors’ websites
  • Research keywords thoroughly
  • Review the SERPs
  • Close watch the performance of the keyword

How to Use Focus Keywords

After you select the perfect focus keywords, it is crucial how you use them in your content. You should take care of certain things while using focus keywords in your content.

  • Choose unique keywords for your content
  • Write quality content mainly focusing on these keywords
  • Optimize your content based on the key phrases you choose
  • Use key phrases in the right proportion. Keyword stuffing is not allowed as it would adversely affect the ranking of the blog or page.

Tools or Software for Finding the Right Focus Keywords

Today, there are focus keyword generator tools available for finding the perfect focus keywords. Reliable providers of content writing services utilize these tools to choose keywords suitable for the content or page. The tools or software include:

right focus keywords

The keywords are a critical part of the content. In the case of focus keywords, it would help your blog or page to secure higher ranks on the Search Engine Result Page (SERP). Apart from blogs, you can include focus keywords in URL, and homepage. An organic SEO company would conduct a thorough keyword research and choose the perfect ones that are suitable for the content to secure high rank on the SERP.

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