How to Effectively Market Your Automated Healthcare Warehouse

by | Published on Jun 25, 2020 | SEO

Warehouses have an important role to play in any business’ supply chain. Speedy growth of the retail sector and increasing online sales add to the significance of efficient warehouses now and in the future. There is increased need to deliver products to customers as quickly as possible, and therefore warehouse owners and professionals are finding it rather challenging to meet the rising demands. This has led to the digitization and automation of the warehouse to improve efficiency. This trend is reflected in the healthcare sector as well with many medical device and pharmaceutical companies utilizing automated warehouse solutions. Healthcare businesses that have implemented automation in their warehouses need to market their new way of functioning and improved efficiency, and this is best done via their business websites. A Long Island SEO company can provide the necessary support in this regard, by optimizing the website to draw attention to the new solutions and new way of functioning for both new and existing websites.

Considering a warehouse for finished pharmaceutical goods, processes such as put-away, retrieval and case picking can be automated. For these purposes, available technologies include storage and retrieval machines that would replace work traditionally performed by standard fork-trucks; articulating-arm robots for case picking, and conveyance and sortation equipment. Smart warehouses delivering goods to pharmacies and hospitals will also have sophisticated software solutions to connect data across systems, manage inventory and improve functioning.

When you have these smart technologies in your warehouse, or have upgraded your existing warehouse to a smart one, you have to let your audience know. To make sure that your warehouse can draw the attention of the best clients, you need to improve your marketing strategy. So, what are the main things to focus on?

Whether you already have a website or are planning to design one, it must be SEO-friendly with user-focused content that is also optimized for the search engines. While being professional-looking, your website should have a simple and attractive layout, and be quick-loading. A healthcare content marketing firm can support you with effective content marketing strategies that is vital to highlight your new, sophisticated solutions. Professional SEOs will help you with the following.

  • Complete keyword analysis and SEO review to gauge your current online presence and strengths
  • Review your current digital marketing strategies to find out where you are showing up in search results, what optimization strategies need to be adopted to highlight your innovative solutions, and the conversion rate of visitors
  • Create and develop content for your blogs, video content, press releases, newsletters, whitepapers and so on
  • Regular posting to YouTube and other social media profiles
  • Report activity on social media platforms; this would include social shares, reach and other engagement
  • Regular evaluation of the digital marketing campaign success

Optimizing for Local Search

Your site must be visible to people searching for your products or services in your local area. With Google’s estimate that 73% of all online activity is related to local searches, small and big businesses must focus on local SEO strategies that will help them be found easily by those searching nearby their location. People may use city and town names, as well as zip codes to localize the search results. Since Google gives great importance to user intent, you need to prioritize that and develop content accordingly. This involves research to identify ideal local search terms associated with your products/services – a combination of a location name and a type of service.

Local SEO also requires that your website is listed in local online directories such as GMB (Google My Business) and that your details are consistent across the directories. Add Google Maps to your website to show up in location listings on Google that are displayed above the organic SERP listings.

Optimizing for Social Media

Social media platforms are very popular in connecting people and businesses on a local as well as global level, which calls for optimizing your website for social media. Google gives importance to social signals when ranking your site and you need to exploit this opportunity as well. Professional platforms such as LinkedIn are powerful tools for B2B marketing. If your warehouse has a strong presence on popular social networks, you can communicate directly to your clients regarding your services, and respond to any questions they may have about your warehouse operation, and what you offer. Networking with the targeted audience as well as your peers and getting actively engaged in important conversations related to industry matters is important. This will make it easier to reach out to new customers via social media.

Whether at a local level, or for a broader audience you have to implement the best social media and content marketing tactics because it is very important to establish your authority and influence. It will help build credibility and win customer confidence, both of which are indispensable to bring customers to your website. Online reviews and customer recommendations can help in this regard. Encourage your customers to give a short review or feedback on Google or other review sites, or on Facebook and other social media platforms.

Professional social media marketing support such as that provided by a Long Island SEO company could prove helpful for healthcare businesses that need to promote their automated warehouse. They can help you find out which social media platforms to focus on, i.e. the platforms where your targeted audience is most active, and implement the right marketing strategies for the best results. Moreover, to determine the digital marketing solutions that are ideal in your case, they will also perform a competitor analysis to see what your competitors are doing, how they are ranking on popular search engines, and how you can overtake them. Therefore, to market your automated warehouse there are quite a few search engine and social media optimization strategies to adopt to get the best results. Customized search engine and social media optimization is the sure way to ensure that your website is found by the targeted audience, and stays relevant and dynamic. It will also contribute to reinforcing your market authority and enhancing your brand awareness.

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