How Google AdWords Helps in Driving Offline Sales

by | Published on May 30, 2017 | SEO

Present-day digital marketing efforts in all fields, including healthcare digital marketing, focus on location-based search which is on the rise and there has been a lot of progress regarding measuring online to offline behaviour. Online ads drive offline activity of customers, which can be measured. This data is to be turned into action if you are looking to win omnichannel shoppers. Google AdWords can be used for reporting store visits from online ads and this information can be used for improving store visit conversions. Google helps in tracking store visits from the Google Display Network. The following steps will help to reach the omnichannel users.

Google AdWords Helps in Driving Offline Sales

  • Knowing the difference between online and in-store customers: Average order value is the first thing to consider when it comes to online and in-store customers. Other factors include repeat visit rate, types of item purchased etc. that need to be evaluated. There are some variables that should be considered when calculating the total value of your campaigns and also evaluate how these variables change between online and in-store customers.
  • Understanding how different device types drive offline sales: Using AdWords for store visit conversions is as simple as segmenting the medical store or clinic visits by device. It helps in understanding the performance and decides on a strategy moving forward. The information can be used to compare your online Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) with total ROAS including offline behaviour. US retailers measure four times more total conversions and 10 times more mobile conversions. If you do not qualify for store visits then click on location extensions that can help in understanding performance difference. Also use Distance report for your location extensions to know the difference in performance, like medical store or clinic visit rate by distance. You can use bid by location to ensure that the ads are in the top positions for nearby users and optimize for performance at different radii.
  • Know the different types of conversions your keywords and campaigns drives: Segment the medical store or physician’s practice visit report by conversion name and identify what is driving the offline activity. Understand which service or product categories people prefer to see in a physical medical store or clinic. Also identify the keywords and online conversion metrics that can make a significant offline impact. If you do not have a store visiting report then rely on your own marketer’s intuition, or talk to other teams in your company. Understand the types of items that your sales teams know will benefit from that in-person touch. Treat them accordingly when promoting them online.
  • Update your AdWords strategy for offline sales: Follow the simple steps to optimize product categories
    • Make sure that you have keyword coverage for offline likely searches
    • Use site links to drive more local¬†interest through any featured products or promotional offers that are suitable for offline sales
    • Update your performance target to include offline behaviour
    • Increase you location/ device bid adjustment based on the performance in store conversions you are seeing. Project performance based on your own company info can be used if you don’t have store visit data.

Since the present world relies on digital marketing, it is evident that online behaviour influences offline behaviour. So having a physical location and AdWords account would provide more insight that can be used for driving offline sales too. It enhances efficiency of medical digital marketing services.

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