Current Website Design Trends Businesses Should be Aware of

by | Published on Jun 5, 2018 | Website Design and Development

Keeping up with the latest trends is critical, mainly with any aspect of online marketing – let that be SEO, web design or content. When it comes to web design, it’s time to think whether your website is up to the current standards. For successful website design including physician website design, the design must include thought-provoking videos, engaging Flash animations, images as well as informative content. According to Forbes, it takes only 50 milliseconds or 0.05 seconds for a person to form an opinion about your website and this impression may last long. Having a well-designed website with user-friendly features is therefore important to stay competitive. With increasing focus on simplicity, website design is expected to get more innovative in the coming years, and give more emphasis on getting the point across as quickly as possible.

Website Design Trends

To deliver digital results, a website must offer an engaging, dynamic user experience. Consider choosing experienced developers and designers, who can work hard behind the scenes to create a sophisticated infrastructure of both site and SEO functionality.

Here are the latest web design trends you must be aware of –

Videos Are Indispensable

More than a still photograph, video adds value and context to written content. The video of a man building a DIY wheelchair ramp would be more helpful than the photographs of the ramp being built.
Including an introduction video in the home page, before offering your audience a CTA (call-to-action) button can increase your conversion rates. For instance, Water Engineering Technologies’ website features a video in their home page that introduces new technology to potential clients.

Website Design Trends
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Videos can be embedded on website banners, product pages, as well as on landing pages to increase conversions. Product videos help E-commerce sites to make their consumers understand what the product does and how it’s used.

Voice Interface Design

With the rapid development of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Voice User Interface (VUI) has become a part of daily life. It makes human interaction with computers possible through a voice/speech platform and thus initiates an automated service or process. It can also provide a better user experience, as people can save a lot of time. It is expected that building great voice-powered interfaces will become an ever-increasing requirement for the future UX designer.

Design Catering to Mobile Devices

The year 2017 saw the number of people using smartphones to browse the internet surpassing those using desktop computers. This trend is going to continue, which makes mobile-first design important. Your website must be designed to function seamlessly on mobile devices with different screen sizes and resolutions. This calls for innovative layouts, UX-focused design and smart navigation styles.


These are a consequence of the popularity of mobile users. Micro-interactions signify small animation or visual responses users see when they perform a call to action on a website or web app. These are designed to provide the users with a feeling of fluidity in their browsing experience.

A greyed-out login button that fills with color once the visitor has filled up a form is a typical example of a micro-interaction. When a user performs an action to which the interface provides a reaction to let the user know that they have successfully performed an action.

Micro-interactions accomplish the following:

  • Communicate feedback regarding the result of an action
  • Manipulate a setting
  • Prevent user error
  • Accomplish an individual task such as connecting one device to another, or “liking” a friend’s post

Asymmetrical/Broken Grid Layout

Website Design Trends
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Unconventional layouts are one among the current trends. Though complicated, asymmetrical and broken grid techniques can provide stunning designs, if done well. More and more websites are now following this trend, as balancing the positive elements and negative space can create visually attractive websites.

Asymmetry works well because it helps you avoid a boring static design which may breed disinterest in a web user. It also works well, directing user attention to different aspects of your website. While choosing an asymmetric design, consider using a variety of space and text elements to balance visuals. An increase in the use of unconventional layouts can be expected in the coming years.

Floating Header Menus

Website Design Trends
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The navigation menu at the very top on the left or right side is a key element of any website. Unlike the fixed one, this floating menu follows the users down the page as they scroll through the website. A drop shadow will be added to the menu so that the user is always aware of its presence and utility in quickly jumping to the other pages or sections of the website.

The most obvious way to go about this visually is to add a drop shadow to the navigation bar, and move it a bit below the very top of the site. This menu can also be done in a flatter design. It also allows any visuals on the homepage to continue behind the menu.

Bright Colors

Bright and eye-catching colors are expected to be a popular web design trend, because they are likely to appeal more to younger users. It can make an otherwise ordinary website appear more exciting and engaging to visitors.


Rather than a simple text or an image, animated designs can communicate complex messages easily, enabling viewers to grasp the information right away. It can also keep readers engaged, thus reducing bounce rates. Deploying animations in the homepage banner can also make the content more enjoyable to visitors. Designers can make use of apps such as Vcasmo, GoAnimate and Mixeek that allow creating animations easily. When done right, animated designs can direct the visitor’s attention to the right content at the right time. However, make sure not to overuse animation, as it may take long to load.

Following these web design trends can improve your web presence and thus your business. Consider choosing an experienced SEO company that can provide the services of dedicated designers and SEO specialists to help you achieve your online SEO goals.

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