AdSense Changes, June Update and Mobile SERP Redesign

by | Published on Jun 4, 2019 | Google Algorithm Updates

Medical SEO companies are always busy since Google keeps evolving its search results with algorithmic changes or design innovations.

June 2019 Core Update

The first week of June 2019 could witness yet another core Google update. Google says this will be a “broad core algorithm update”. Google has even named it the June 2019 Core Update. Although minor updates keep coming up now and then, Google claims that the last “core” update happened only in March. But what’s unique about this update is that Google announced this in advance. It is quite unlike Google to announce in advance, while they haven’t even confirmed many of the algorithmic changes Internet marketers, SEOs and webmasters have been observing through the years.       

The New “Ad” Change in the Mobile SERPs

The search engine ranking page (SERP) has been the main focus of Google’s innovations. The recent redesign of the mobile SERPs is proof of that. Organic listings will get favicons, and ads will get the black “Ad” label on the top of the listing. Webmasters and Internet marketers are wondering what the impact of these changes would be on search rankings. And there are more changes to come.

Host of Innovations to AdSense Ads

In fact, ads have been something Google has been focusing on. Search Engine Journal reports that Google is not going to display Adsense ads that contain text only anymore. Google sent an email to AdSense publishers that it is “moving towards richer ad formats”. But it’s not text-only ads alone that would get the axe. Google mentioned that display-only ad units would also be phased out. The goal is to “improve user experience” and display the rich variety of ads available in the market. That would help Google to modernize its ads and bring them in step with contemporary media.

The “Text ads only” and “Display ads only” captions will be replaced with “Display ads”. And there are more changes coming the way of AdSense ads. The coming weeks would be pretty exciting, particularly if you look at the email, mentioned by Search Engine Journal, in which Google announced these changes.

  • By default, ad units will all be created Responsive. But publishers would still be able to create ad units to custom sizes. New ad units will have text ad styling optimized by Google. Publishers won’t be able to get ad styles created for new ad units. There won’t be the option, “if no ads available”. Instead, Google will either reveal a blank space or collapse the space.
  • All ad unit experiments including active and obsolete ones will cease in the weeks to come. The Reports tab won’t contain the experiments report. You also won’t be able to change ad code type to synchronous from the account settings in AdSense. 

Google has been working to really understand the behavior of users in terms of their interest in ads. These changes could be perceived as steps to ensure ads appeal more to users. The more users find ads appealing to them, the more clicks they will make which could potentially result in AdSense publishers securing more earnings.

Hospitals, clinics, healthcare institutions and other businesses in the healthcare field can find the constant changes overwhelming. That’s where medical SEO services can prove resourceful.           

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