Blisk: A Web Browser Built for Web Developers

by | Published on Mar 9, 2017 | Website Design and Development

Web development is essential for any online business and now there is a browser built specifically focused on website development.

Based on Google’s Chromium open source browser project, Blisk has introduced a toolbox for developing, debugging and testing most modern websites. It is available through subscription service. Blisk is available in a 1.0 release and has completed a beta program and it is available for Mac and Windows. It also supports a selection of Android and iOS devices and thereby makes it easier for web developers. It also refreshes the page every time a developer saves code changes, hence there is no need to reload multiple tabs whenever the code is changed. The pages display in a dual window consisting of a standard desktop view and an emulated mobile or tablet view. Also, the pages are monitored for JavaScript errors and developers can document technical issues via a one click screenshot and record capability.

Blisk Web Browser

How Blisk Is Different from Other Web Browsers

Blisk has its own technology that is different from common browsers like Chrome and Firefox. It enables simultaneous development on desktop and mobile and thereby boosts developer productivity. It also provides developer-specific features for web development. Further improvements include capabilities like page analysis and better emulation.

Blisk Beta

Blisk beta focuses solely on professional web developers and is available for Windows only. Mac and Linux editions are in the pipeline. Blisk installation has no dialogs or options, it simply installs and starts running. The application used in Blisk and other browsers like Chrome and Firefox is the same, but Blisk enhances the web development experience.

It also promises other features like:

  • Device rotation into landscape orientation
  • Webpage analytics to monitor code quality, Java Script errors and other metrics
  • One click device screenshots and sharing with colleagues
  • Integration with third party services like Dropbox, Google Drive etc.

Blisk is an ideal solution for web developers as a browser completely user-friendly to their specific needs. It is designed specifically to allow developers to create and test websites that are pleasing to the eye and work flawlessly on all devices. It is an easy-to-use browser that even first-timers will find comfortable to work with.

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