Best Methods to Promote Your Blog on Instagram

by | Published on Mar 9, 2022 | Social Media Optimization

Promoting blogs on Instagram is a growing trend. More than 1 billion people use Instagram around 90 percent of the users follow at least one business on Instagram. In a span of just 10 years, Instagram has grown significantly from a photo sharing app to a hub of business activity. Many large, medium and small businesses own an Instagram account where they sell their products. This has led many businesses to incorporating Instagram into their digital marketing campaign with the help of organic SEO services to promote their products and services on the platform.  Instagram is now emerging as a solid platform to promote business blogs and generate more leads.

This visual platform allows you to demonstrate your product in a way that catches the users’ attention. It has features like IGTV and Stories that allow businesses to create video content and generate more engagement, as well as a direct messaging feature that helps potential customers to get in touch with the brand. All these features have helped Instagram evolve into a strong platform for business activity. Posting your blogs on Instagram can help promote your products and get more customer attention. Reach out to a reliable search engine optimization company that can help you popularize your blog on Instagram and widen its reach.

Here are some effective ways to promote your blog on Instagram:

  • Post your blogs as Instagram stories:

According to Vidmob’s 2018 State of Social Report, over 70 percent of Instagram users watch Instagram Stories every day and the popularity of Insta stories is rising by the day. Here’s how to post your blog in Insta stories:

      • Create a blog teaser in Insta stories: You can create 3 or 4 Insta stories of some relevant information in your blog with some engaging visuals. The Insta stories should narrate a story. Use the Link in Stories feature to promote your blog post and take your followers right to it.
    • Best Methods to Promote Your Blog on Instagram
      • Tag yourself to help your viewers find you blog post: You can post the link to your blog post in your bio. You can also tag yourself in your Insta story and use the swipe up feature. This will help viewers go to your blog by just swiping on your Insta story. If you do not have the swipe up feature, promote your blog on Insta story and in the last frame, include the @Mention sticker with your username. Using the Text overlay feature, type out a fun call to action and include an arrow that points out your CTA.
      • Use Insta posts with Insta stories to grow your blog: Share an Insta post about your blog post and create an engaging caption that can catch the attention of viewers. The next step is to include two CTA in your caption. Share your feed post to your Stories so that viewers can tap it to take a look. Make sure to include more information in the form of tutorial or a demo or any visual element that is different from what you have already mentioned in your caption. You can end your story in adding a link to your blog, or a link to your profile.


  • Work with other bloggers to widen your reach for your blog: If you are still figuring out how to promote your blog on Instagram, consider connecting with other influencers in your niche who have a strong community on Insta to promote your blog. Here’s how you can do this:
    • Look for accounts or influencers, brands and companies that complement your interest and have blog posts that resonate with you.
    • Interact with these accounts and support them by liking, commenting, sharing and resharing.
    • Introduce yourself and feel out the opportunity for partnerships, features, and collaborations if available

    Look for other bloggers using relevant industry hashtags

  • Include unique and quality images and videos to promote your blog: The first impression of your post is important as it creates the first impression in your viewers. Instagram is all about visual content like photos or videos. Unique visual content is important to be at the top of your follower’s Insta feed. Otherwise, your followers will scroll through the feed and your post will be lost with other feeds. Make your images and videos more interesting:
      • Invest time to create high quality content: Design high quality images, videos, graphics that can get your followers’ attention quickly. Use a quality camera or phone with proper lighting and focus on backdrops and color combination and photos composition.
    • Narrate an engaging story: Make sure your blog post has a story that your readers will connect with. You can give a glimpse of your story in Insta story or feed, but end your story in your blog post. To make your followers click from your Instagram to your website, you want to give them a taste of the journey as well as a happy ending. The image or the video that you include should be related to your story.
    • Write Insta captions that can drive traffic to your blog: Here are some ways to write good captions:
        • Look for the best ways to start your caption
        • Be real to your followers by sharing relatable thoughts or experiences from your life, especially if it has a connection with your blog.
        • Give your followers a happy ending in your story so that it makes you happier and more fulfilled.
        • Your call to action (CTA) doesn’t have to be complex, but should instead spell out to your reader where to go next and reinforce what they’ll find there.

        You may end up driving away customers if you sound very salesy or if you push too hard. So when you share your experience, keep it real — this will help them connect with your blog better.

      • Convert your Instagram followers to blog traffic: Once you have done promoting your blog on Insta, don’t put your website in your bio link. Even though your objective is to drive traffic to your website, linking your home page in your bio is not the right way. This is because you run the risk of your followers getting lost and losing interest navigating through your website for that specific post. Another reason is that the followers who see a website home page in your bio may give up before ever clicking as they may have had bad experiences before.
      • Best Methods to Promote Your Blog on InstagramBest Methods to Promote Your Blog on Instagram
        Instagram is a powerful platform that has become an important part of many businesses’ branding and marketing efforts. It is the right place to promote your blog post to get maximum traffic.

        Want to popularize your blog on Instagram and widen its reach?

        As different social media marketing sites require different approaches, we develop a unique strategy tailored for each platform. A professional digital marketing services company could help implement the right strategies to enhance your website’s visibility to the right audience group.

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