Does AI Content Hurt SEO?

by | Published on Nov 1, 2023 | AI, Content Writing Services

AI, no doubt, received a warm welcome from content developers and marketers because of the agility and speed with which it could develop relevant content. However, with Google’s “helpful content’ update, many of us are in a dilemma. Will the use of AI-generated content hurt our SEO efforts? As AI becomes more useful and more available, content generated by this technology is bound to become increasingly prevalent in marketing strategies. So, what is the right strategy — to use or not to use AI-generated content?

What’s Google’s take on this?
For the details, check out our blog – Google Rolls Out the September 2023 Helpful Content Update.

AI-generated content can negatively affect your SEO if you publish it without editing or fact-checking it. Google penalizes content that is produced just to rise in the search rankings without any regard to its value. You also run the risk of promoting misleading or inaccurate content. However, if you use AI content generators as a tool to help you create valuable content, then it will likely benefit you. In this endeavor, a practical option is to hire AI content writing services that can give you.

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While some argue that AI content writing services can hurt SEO by generating low-quality and unoriginal content, others believe they can enhance SEO when used judiciously to produce high-quality, relevant articles.

Let us look at what risks AI-generated content poses for marketers.

Risks of AI-Generated SEO Content

AI-generated Content Drawbacks

What about Positive Aspects of AI?

AI can generate content at a much faster rate than humans, which is useful for creating a large volume of content quickly, such as product descriptions or news updates. It can be used to personalize content for specific users, enhancing the user experience and potentially increasing engagement and conversions. AI can maintain consistency in tone, style, and formatting across large bodies of content, which can be beneficial for branding and user experience.

What Are the Strategies You Could Use to Mitigate These Risks?

Quality Control

Carefully review and edit AI-generated content to ensure it meets your quality standards and is user-friendly.


Aim for originality in your content, providing unique perspectives and insights that set your content apart from the competition.

Ethical Practices

Ensure that AI-generated content is used ethically, and avoid any deceptive or questionable practices.

User-centric Approach

Prioritize the needs and interests of your audience over search engine algorithms. Create content that genuinely helps and informs users.

Keyword Optimization

Use keywords strategically and naturally in your content, avoiding keyword stuffing.

Regular Auditing

Continuously monitor the performance of AI-generated content and adapt your strategy based on user feedback and SEO results.

AI-generated content may lack the personal touch and connection that human-written content often offers. User experience and engagement are crucial factors that search engines consider when ranking web pages. If the content fails to engage readers, it can lead to high bounce rates and decreased time spent on the website, which negatively impacts SEO. Websites should prioritize providing value to users to improve engagement metrics. By being aware of these risks and taking a user-focused, ethical, and quality-centric approach, you can leverage AI-generated content to improve your SEO while mitigating potential downsides. When assessing the impact of AI content on SEO, consider whether traditional content writing services are outperformed by automated solutions.

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