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12 Recommended Tools for Content Writing

by | Last updated Dec 8, 2022 | Published on Oct 31, 2022 | Content Writing Services

Up to 86% of firms claim that content marketing raises brand awareness, while 79% claim that it aids in audience education and 75% claim that it helps them establish credibility and trust. More than half of respondents claim that content marketing is very important in driving revenue and sales. These conclusions come from a 2020 analysis by the Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs, and they highlight how powerful top-notch content marketing can be. Individually enhancing the writing abilities of your marketing team would require time, perseverance, and resources that you, as the leader, probably may not have most of the time. In order to provide pertinent material for their websites, organizations can rely on content writing services.

By implementing the appropriate content writing tools organizations can quickly boost your team’s content writing abilities on both individual and team levels.

Popular Content Writing Tools

Here are some of the popular content writing tools:

  • Google Docs: Google Docs is an online word processor that enables users to create, save, and modify documents. Well, the majority of you already employ this content creation tool. For those who don’t, I can assure you that you must immediately begin entering all of your documents on Google Docs because it is simple to use, available around-the-clock, and allows for real-time team collaboration. Other users can be invited to edit the file by sharing it with them. It is a mobile-friendly program with an auto-save feature so you can always be sure not to lose out on your work. It provides excellent text formatting choices and stores all of your work in your Google account.

Google Docs content writing tools
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  • Microsoft Word: Microsoft Word is the most popular writing program. Microsoft Word never ceases to amaze us. It can be used independently or as a component of the Microsoft Office package. It enables offline text file creation, editing, formatting, and saving. It gives you excellent diagrammatic layout and text visualization to make your documents visually interesting. When you save a document, it isn’t immediately shareable because it is stored to a local drive instead. Find and replace, grammar and spelling checks, mail merging, adding watermarks, linked texts, are additional features. Although it features a free mobile application and is a mobile-friendly content writing tool, the desktop version must be purchased.
  • Ilys: This paid writing program was created especially for writers who work in content marketing and battle with perfectionism. When using Ilys, the writer enters a target word count, starts writing, and can only go back and edit his/her work after reaching the target word count. This promotes quicker drafting and a more efficient workflow for both individuals and teams.

Ilys content writing tools
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  • Coschedule’s Headline Analyzer: This ought to be on the list of resources that content authors must have access to. The headline is the most crucial statement that attracts your reader to any content, whether it be a blog post, a feature, or ad copy. It is a free tool that evaluates and grades the effectiveness of your headline. You can tell right away if your ad title will entice readers to read the rest of your material. You can change your headline to make an impression based on your score. As a result, more traffic will be generated and more sales will result. It helps to boost the value of your content for search engines and your customers, and is recognized as one of the best content writing tools.

Coschedules Headline Analyzer content writing tools
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  • Canva: For content writers, Canva has a wide range of capabilities and tools. You can edit text, change fonts, colors, and sizes of photos, as well as create infographics. It is the most generally used free tool that functions as a picture editor and has a plethora of features that assist in enhancing your material with fantastic graphics. You can purchase access to their excellent pro version. For content writers, though, the ordinary version is sufficient. You can format the image you select based on the element it represents. You have access to hundreds of images. There are a variety of layouts available for images for blogs, brochures, social media, and ebooks. For social media and other digital platforms, you can choose from a range of templates, formats, and filters.

Canva content writing tools
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  • Evernote: Content writers frequently struggle with time constraints. In addition to looking at a number of other topics, there are deadlines to meet. Evernote is quite helpful in these situations. It is an app that can be downloaded to smartphones and desktop computers. By using the speech-to-text capability, you can write information by speaking. Everything you said would be instantly recognized and recorded by the speech-to-text feature. Evernote also includes a number of functions, including templates for planners, blog articles, and reviews. Additionally, they have checklists, annual calendars, meeting notes, strategy planning, and event budgets. Setting reminders and adding files in various formats are options you have. As and when you see fit, you can even use a stylus to write by hand.

Evernote content writing tools
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  • 750 Words: You may establish and sustain a daily writing habit with the help of 750 Words, a fantastic content writing tool. For writers, bloggers, journalists, students, or anyone else who wishes to write more frequently, it’s the ideal tool. Having an app to aid with your own writing projects might be quite helpful if you’re having trouble writing professionally. Use the writing software 750 Words or keep a daily record of your thoughts. And don’t worry about privacy- what you’re generating is solely accessible by you.
  • ProWriting Aid: ProWriting Aid is one of the superb content writing tools for flawless writing is ProWritingAid. You can write better material in less time with the aid of an AI-powered writing assistant, which provides real-time editing solutions. It evaluates your article for grammar, spelling, style, and other writing issues. Additionally, it offers information on your sentence variety, your use of passive voice, and your readability score. ProWritingAid can be used as a desktop application or combined with Open Office, Google Docs, Scrivener, and Microsoft Word. Additionally, they provide writing-checking browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari that work with practically any website on the internet.

ProWriting Aid content writing tools
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Tools for Content Marketing Authors to Edit

These content authoring tools make it easier to edit quickly and thoroughly. This will make it possible to ensure that no error goes uncorrected and that drafts are polished to their maximum potential.

  • Grammarly: An assortment of professional-level editing features is offered by this AI-based digital writing aid in a single straightforward, user-friendly solution. Along with automated grammar, spelling, and punctuation checks, team members also receive recommendations on how to increase word choice and conciseness, get rid of passive voice, stay away from contradictions, and evaluate overall tone.
  • Since it is free and online, it is easier to access than a paper thesaurus and offers a quick and straightforward solution for selecting the best word to represent an idea as exactly as possible.
  • Stack edit: This in-browser markdown editor makes it simple to copy text to and from WordPress, Microsoft Word, or Google Docs without erasing the original layout. Additionally, it can be used by teams to transform plain text documents into.html format.
  • Yoast: Yoast is a WordPress plugin that analyses a draft’s SEO friendliness and determines the Flesch Reading Ease score right inside WordPress drafts. By eliminating the need to copy text back and forth between programs, modifications become a breeze, and you can quickly spot areas that could have better.

To produce relevant content for your website, you can use the above-mentioned content writing tools. If your business requires content for blogs, product descriptions, or websites, you may also turn to content writing services. Businesses can more effectively reach and engage their target consumers by using informative content.

Want to speak to someone regarding the pricing of content writing services, call MedResponsive at (800) 941-5527 or start a live chat to discuss your content writing requirements. We look forward to earning your business.

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