Google My Business Optimization Most Valued for Local Businesses

by | Published on Mar 24, 2020 | Content Writing Services

Survey reveals that marketers consider Google My Business (GMB) optimization as the most valuable service for local marketing in 2020. That’s insightful for medical website marketing.

GMB Optimization Even Tops Website Optimization

In fact, optimizing for Google My Business is considered even more valuable than website optimization. If you were thinking of placing greater importance on website optimization, this survey would probably make you think twice.

The survey was conducted on 475 local marketers by BrightLocal and covered various aspects such as business practices of the local marketers, the services they offer, the pricing for these services, and the salary they offer staff. Onsite optimization is only considered the 2nd most valuable service for local marketing by the survey participants.

The rest of the most valuable services, according to the survey participants, in the order of their importance, are:

  • Reputation management
  • Citation management, and
  • Website design

GMB Optimization Also the SEO Service Offered Most Frequently

Even in the survey of the most frequently offered SEO services by local marketers, Google My Business optimization takes the top spot. In fact, more marketers are giving preference for GMB optimization over conventional SEO. The next 4 services most frequently offered by local marketers are, in the order of their importance, SEO audits/analysis, onsite optimization, reporting/analytics and citation management. Of particular note is the fact that link building is among the services offered less frequently. Just half of the local marketers surveyed claimed to be offering it.

Google Rankings Most Valued Metric for Local Marketing

In terms of metrics for local marketing, Google rankings are most valued. In fact, the survey also indicates that Google rankings are considered more important than even new leads and customers for businesses. The 4 other metrics that are valued by local businesses the most are, in their order of importance, new customers, new leads or enquiries, organic traffic and the number of fresh reviews.

SEO Still Considered Best Online Method for Attracting New Clients

Though it may not have made it to the top of the list in terms of the services most offered, SEO is still considered by local marketers as the best online method to attract new clients. The other channels considered valuable are, in their order of importance, content marketing, LinkedIn and pay-per-click (PPC).

Surprisingly, in this digital age, the value assigned to word of mouth is still significant. This is still the most valued channel overall to win clients. The other valued channels are also non-digital techniques such as local business groups as well as industry conferences.

These survey results could probably also give you some insight into how you could do things differently for your website. It isn’t necessary to flow with the current. A different approach could perhaps help you stand out from the competition. That’s something innovative medical SEO services would be able to figure out for you.

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