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In this week’s podcast, Dame Colquhoun, our Solutions Manager/SEO Strategist discusses the top strategies for building backlinks with infographics.

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Hello –
This is Monica Thomas the Search Marketing/SEO manager for medresponsive.com

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What Are the Top Strategies for Building Backlinks with Infographics?

Are you looking for an effective way to build your links and boost search engine optimization results?  Then try building a link through an “INFOGRAPHIC”!

So let’s jump into it.

00:18 Benefits of Using Infographics to Build Links

What Are the Benefits of Using Infographics to Build Links?

Here are some bullet points:

  • Infographics provide effortless delivery of information.
  • An infographic is 30 times more likely to be read than a text article because it is estimated that readers pay close attention to information-carrying images.
  • It can provide data, numbers, statistics, and similar information in an attractive and structured way.
  • The visual format adds to the positive impact the content creates on the target
  • Even complex data can be communicated in an easy and simple manner.
  • Last bullet point would be, people are more likely to share visually appealing infographics on their sites.

So just to wrap this up, basically just like when you were a child, you learned a lot more through images, sounds, so on and so forth.  Of course, there are words that could be put in, but a lot of it comes in colors, again, videos, images, anything to just kind of catch you right away to keep your attention rather than using the words most of the time. So infographics hold a lot of that. They have bright colors, mellow colors, colors that get you excited all the way down to the right way of how the image is drawn, all the way down to the way the information is structured, but in image format, so that they are easily digestible. So use the infographics. These are the benefits and now we’re going to go into how to use infographics to maximize link building.

02:01 How to use infographics to maximize link building

Now let’s go into the how to use infographics maximize link building

There are many link building strategies, and some top strategies are:

02:11 Creating the Infographic Content

Creating the Infographic Content: This includes data statistics – conduct your own research or make a compilation of data statistics from various sources and present them as a sinlge one. You can use resources like Piktochart, canva or any platform of your choice to make eye-appealing infographics. Piktochart, we like using because of the options that come built in with templates to use and yes, infographic templates are one option.

02:43 Guestographics

Next on the list is Guestographics – One of the best techniques to get backlinks with infographics, it involves four important steps. I’ll go over 3, all you need to do is look within the content for the last step.

  • First is search for rich-volume keywords: Basically, you’ll just use Google keyword planner and look at monthly volume, cost-per-click and competition. That would pretty much give you a good idea if the keyword is a buying keyword or it’s a keyword that people are just looking for more information.
  • Next step would be check out the top-ranking blogs: Here, you’re finding out what others have done, even if it’s not an infographic. You can use your written content and turn it into an infographic, targeting the similarities and differences you’ve noticed in the industry and how you’ve improved on these similarities and differences, and then after that, this will give you a leg up on getting your infographic on the site of your choice.
  • Okay, the next and last bullet point – the fourth one again, would be in the content – would be create an informative infographic with the blog content: Here you’re basically, this goes with what I just mentioned about anything can be used as an infographic. So just go on the site if you don’t have the information already or just use the experiences that you have, anything, bullet points that you can jot down, you can use those bullet points as an infographic.

04:24 Research on potential guest blogging websites

Do research on potential guest blogging websites: There are numerous websites that offer the option of guest posting. Simply search on Google – “Your niche + Write for us” or “Your niche + Become a contributor”. And of course, all these two options “Your niche + Write for us”, you put those in quotations and then “Your niche + Become a contributor” you also put in quotations.

04:52 Research On Potential Guest Post

The next option to do a research on potential guest post: Guest blogging websites are to make sure to check whether the website has a good domain authority, a low spam score and gives a do-follow link.

Next up would be read all their major blog first, then would be identify specific topic that they haven’t covered and lastly include targeted keywords, blog titles and the relevant design idea that clearly matches the website’s niche.

So basically in this section with guest blogging websites and seeing what you know potential is out there, it gives you also an opportunity to find out what other people are sent into where you want to have your guestographic you know be placed or what you’re doing some type of analysis on what you should add to your infographics.

So use these bullet points to kind of know and give an idea of the right place that I want to do all this work for it and get a publication there, is it worth the in terms of low spam score, do you have a good chance of getting a do follow link, also the domain authority is pretty decent, so on and so forth.

So take these options, the quick ones, which again is our “your niche + write for us” or “your niche + become a contributor”.

That right there, those two options, should basically give you a few guest blogging opportunities and to also let you know if you can quickly, you know, get it back or your efforts will pretty much just be a waste of time and you need to move somewhere else.

One thing to keep in mind is always use a large number as the way of making sure that you’re hitting your goal. Rather than doing a few guest blogging areas, you do 10-20 within 2 to 3 days, you kind of get a higher percentage of getting a good response.

07:07 Conclusion

All right, nevertheless, there are 3 more strategies for building backlinks with infographics within the content. So use these to get your backlinks within the first 2 weeks or less. If you do it properly or you’re just guerrilla attacking, again, you can do 10-20 outreach and probably get, you know, 10 percent of that back and then from there, you would kind of already know, alright, this the strategy works, let me go and duplicate this in other areas of my business. So, it doesn’t have to just be a specific goal you’re trying to get, it could be for anything.

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