Web Application Development Process Flow

With more and more businesses moving to the web, web application development has a key role to play in growing your business. For any web application project to be successful, it is crucial to have a clear web application development process   flow. We follow a standard development process that’s consistent and easily maintainable.

At MedResponsive, our designers and developers are experienced in creating web applications that can integrate with other applications.

Our web application development company  can easily meet your requirement of having a well-tested web application to grow your business and reach your targeted audience.

Our Web Application Development Process Flow

Check out the key steps in our web application development process –

Application Goals

Discussion on your application goals


Planning a roadmap or workflow

Application Layout

Designing web application layout

Web App Development

Web application development

Fixing Errors

Testing and fixing errors or bugs

Launching Phase

Development or launching phase

Check out the key steps in our web application development process –

Client Discussion

Initial Discussion with Client

Our project managers will discuss the application goals with you in the first step. All project-related information will be collected in detail at this stage. We can discuss all your concerns about the app and this will help identify the objectives of web app implementation. All the supporting documents or information will be collected. Also, the scope of the project will be validated and the estimated cost of the project will be made.

Planning Workflow

Planning a Workflow

With your target audience in mind, our design & development team plans the workflow of your web application in terms of steps needed to complete the project. We put together the web application project goals and purpose. Approximate estimation of timeline and budget to complete the whole project will be finalized at this phase, based on the resources needed. The planned workflow will be transformed into a wireframe in the next step.

Application Design

Application Design

Based on your preference we focus on designing a layout, user interface, and interaction models. Once you approve, a design will be implemented that suits your goals.  Our UI team designs app layout by considering page structure and server-side language. The color scheme and idea of the web application’s appearance will be decided collectively by our UI designers, front-end web developers, business analyst, and clients. The completed design will be validated based on the app user’s requirements. You can suggest any revisions at this stage.

Application Development

Application Development

During this phase, we design the database structure, determine the data that needs to be stored in the database, and create the application’s That’s crazy and framework. Often, the frontend and backend will be developed at the same time. We develop front-end web apps using languages such as HTML, CSS, jQuery or React and for backend web apps, we use common server-side scripting technologies such as PHP, ASP.NET, or Python. Frameworks make application development easier compared to coding from scratch. The actual code will be created based on the approved app design. All the functionalities and features you need will be implemented.

Testing and Bug Fixing

Testing and Bug Fixing

Testing is a critical process in web app development. Our experienced testing team makes sure that your apps are always available and deliver excellent performance at all times. After the final validation of the developed app, the testing phase starts which covers testing functionality, compatibility, performance, usability, and security. We check every feature, form, and content in the app and make them error-free.


Hosting or Deployment

After fixing bugs if any, the launch or deployment phase starts. You web app will be run or deployed on a live server. After confirming that the files are installed without any error, our team will implement the application at the hosting server. Our maintenance team will continue to support you to make sure your app is performing well.

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