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In today’s podcast, Monica Barber, the Search Marketing/SEO Manager for MedResponsive, discusses the fundamental strategy questions every business should explore before starting SEO. Titled “Five Minute SEO”, this podcast would be of great help for realizing the importance of understanding what your business goals and choosing the right SEO strategies to meet those goals.

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Hello –
This is Monica Thomas the Search Marketing/SEO manager for

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Hello This is Monica Barber the Search Marketing/SEO manager for This week’s podcast is the first in our educational series titled “Five Minute SEO”. Today’s topic will cover the Fundamental Strategy Questions to Explore Before starting SEO.

What is SEO? You might ask. SEO is an abbreviation for search engine optimization. Search engine optimization is a series of best practice techniques used to help your website become more search engine friendly for your targeted keywords. Search engine friendly means that you have included in your copy and meta-tags the high priority keywords needed to get your pages ranked in the search engines and also attract your targeted audiences.

Now it is time for Soul Searching.

What are your Business Goals?

Before you begin creating a foundation for SEO, you must first do some soul-searching. The number one priority is for you to explore basic questions pertaining to your business goals. What are your goals? Are you trying to get more visitors to buy your products or use your services? Are your services superior because your doctors have the best credentials in your area? Are the machines you use superior to your competitors? Along with identifying your business goals, the formulation of a tagline or an unique selling proposition is essential.

Unique Selling Proposition/Tagline

What is your unique selling proposition? What sets you apart from your competition? Do you have the highest quality products at the lowest cost? How can you stand out amongst your competitors? What needs or wants are you fulfilling for your targeted audiences? After answering these questions, you can now devise a tagline that will stay paramount in your audiences’ mind. Something unique that sets you apart from the rest.

Who is your targeted audiences and what are their demographics?

After you have defined what your business goals are, you now need to categorize your audiences. Are your products or services specifically for males or just for females? Or do you think that a percentage of both would be interested? What age group do you feel would be interested? Do you think that specific ethnic background would be attracted to your products or services. What part of the country will you be targeting? Will your products and services appeal to international audiences?

Next What do you want your visitors to do when they visit your website?

Do you want them to fill out a form specifying the products or services they are interested in or you want them to buy immediately? Do you want visitors to educate themselves before they contact you? Or do you want them to contact you immediately? Will you be offering demos?

Identifying the major top functions you want your visitor to perform is essential to achieving your business and SEO objectives.

Who are your main competitors?

Identifying your main competitors and performing extensive research is very important in understanding the differences and similarities between you and your competitors. It is also important to have this information before finalizing your business and SEO strategies.

Defining your targeted keywords

What keywords do you think a prospect would put in the search engines to find your services or products? Of the keywords you have discovered, which are the highest priority? It is very important to determine what are your top 20 or so industry specific keywords or buzz words that describe your products or services.

Answering these questions is a crucial component of your overall business and SEO strategies.

Researching and understanding what your business goals are along with defining your target audiences is very crucial for formulating the right SEO strategies. Implementing the right SEO strategy for your business often can be tricky and time-consuming. The SEO team here at MedResponsive can help you with any of your SEO needs. Please contact us via phone or email with any questions. Have a great day or evening! Thank you for listening!

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