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Medical Application Design

Healthcare providers are in need of software applications for improved efficiency in their daily running, and for developing mobile apps to engage people in mobile marketing. With years of experience in software development for the medical industry, MedResponsive can give you the right, EHR-integrated medical application designs to fulfill these objectives and improve your ROI.

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Applications for Efficient Performance

Let’s check out the importance of applications we design for the efficient running of your healthcare facility/practice.

  • We design Electronic Health Record (EHR) for practices, which is now mandatory. Combined with our medical billing software, you have the building blocks for successful functioning. We design the EHR with user-friendly interface and personalized client requirements taken into consideration, to ensure that your practice would not have trouble using it as many other practices do.
  • Our EHR can help you streamline your functioning. It provides real-time information on the health of a patient which helps in planning and carrying out clinical procedures. We also ensure the information is secured, to satisfy strict HIPAA norms. Our EHR offers access to an appointment scheduler that helps schedule patient appointments better. It comes with clinical charting option that automates patient records through features such as lab, pharmacy and billing system integration, and patient search. The billing software offers accounts management, patient visit billing, and management of payments, claims, reconciliations, etc.

Engaging and Useful Mobile Apps

Medical apps can address the needs of people searching for health information. Useful apps attract people to its hosts.

At MedResponsive, our software developers work with medical professionals to fully understand your requirements. This helps us design apps that are relevant for each client and their specific purpose, and simultaneously have the power to attract users. We explore all the possibilities for apps:

  • Symptom checkers
  • First Aid advice
  • Doctor trackers
  • Health advice

Our apps are designed after in-depth market research to ensure that they are the kind that engages people.

MedResponsive Gives You a Competitive Edge

With MedResponsive, an MOS service you experience the benefit of state-of-the-art tools, innovative solutions, experienced and passionate staff, customized plans and cost-effective functioning which helps maximize ROI.

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