SEO Case Study – Block Scientific


Headquartered in Bellport, New York, Block Scientific is a global clinical laboratory dealer that sells all kinds of lab equipment from the top brands such as Siemens, Stanbio, Thermo Scientific, Abbott, Medica, Diazyme and others. Established in 1980, Block Scientific offers new as well as refurbished lab equipment including analyzers, drug test cups and reagents. They also offer servicing and repair of equipment while carrying one of the largest reagent inventories for most of the manufacturers. With their web store, customers are able to easily search for the products they need. Our team at MedResponsive provides ongoing assistance to their SEO and marketing needs.

The Challenge

Block Scientific wanted to improve their online exposure and search engine performance. After their website was launched, Block Scientific contacted us to develop an efficient SEO solution for identifying target keywords and optimizing their website. We have been working with this company for quite some time now and have helped the business become really successful as a lab equipment dealer. We currently handle their SEO, social media marketing, PPC and email marketing requirements. We have also redesigned their store to give it a more user-friendly and modern feel.

The original site had a very dated look and did not always attract the targeted visitors. To meet the latest trends in website design and search engine algorithmic updates, attract targeted customers, ensure faster conversions, and to make it easy for people to buy their products, we needed to redesign the site.

We had to make their two websites, and responsive, dynamic and mobile friendly. We took up the challenge and carried out all the SEO changes in addition to the redesign of both the websites to make them more attractive and user-friendly. We regularly updated the product information and the blog section with information dealing with product launches, events, etc. There were a host of other solutions we offered as well.

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Solutions Offered

With a clear Understanding of Block Scientific’s business targets and goals, our team performed a series of smartly planned SEO activities, on-page and off-page, for promoting specific products that needed website promotion.

  • We developed a user-friendly storefront that enabled customers to easily search for and buy the required products
  • Developed search engine optimized content for specific products
  • Effective on-page optimization for product pages, including meta tags, optimized images, and other components
  • Add to Cart button on individual product pages to make it easy for customers to place their orders
  • Additional features such as Live Chat support as well as Facebook integration using Volusion shopping cart software
  • Graphical representation of highly sold-out product lists in the online store to help customers determine the products in demand, and for promoting them
  • Included related products, accessories and consumables that corresponded to customer purchases on the inner pages
  • Off-page promotion of products via blogs, positive reviews, ads, videos, pictures, PPTs, Instagram, Infographics, PDFs, social media networking, and also optimization for both geo-targeting and local product marketing
  • Listed the products on product listing sites
  • Checked ROI using Google Analytics tool to evaluate the goals achieved, and regularly monitoring daily product sales report
  • Performed ranking analyses at regular intervals and submitting monthly reports to the client
  • Sales through ecommerce sites such as Amazon and Dotmed to attract more potential customers
  • PPC marketing for Amazon
  • Generated user reviews through


Here are the tangible results we achieved for Block Scientific:

  • Improved Organic Traffic
    Organic traffic improved from 77.98% in September 2016 to 82.81% in October 2016.
  • Increased Conversions
    Global conversions improved from 0.06% in November 2016 to 0.18% in December 2016.
    Conversions in USA improved from 41.04% in December 2016 to 46.48% in January 2017.
  • Social Media
    Traffic coming in from social media showed significant improvement between August and October 2016, as the figures below show:
    Facebook – 87.50%
    Pinterest – 16.67%
    Blogger – 33.33%
    Twitter – ∞%

Our well-planned SEO strategies could provide increased exposure for the client who is now experiencing greater traffic and conversions. We continue to provide innovative, result-oriented SEO services for Block Scientific that help enhance their company profile and increase their customer base.