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Online Marketing Services

Hospitals, physician clinics, surgeons and medical equipment dealers among other healthcare entities need professional online marketing services since there is so much competition to deal with. MedResponsive is an online marketing company in Long Island, NY specializing in healthcare digital marketing.

Since healthcare and healthcare topics are some of the most common terms searched for online, there are a lot of things that can be done to capitalize on this popularity and gain search engine optimization (SEO) advantage.

Our online marketing services serve the needs of hospitals, physician practices, plastic surgeons, DME companies and other medical institutions. You get to benefit from our experience and innovative approach.

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Effective Healthcare Online Marketing Strategies

Online marketing is multi-faceted, and we deal with just about everything that matters. Ensuring quality, relevant and updated content for your web pages, blogs and article submissions, being prepared for Google’s algorithmic changes, exploiting all channels of online marketing, and mastering local search are all important for efficient healthcare online marketing.

  • Search Engine Optimization
    Meeting the information requirements of people through relevant and quality content that addresses user intent behind each search term is essential. We carry out keyword research using advanced tools and also study the keywords optimized by your competition. We discover keywords with most popularity but lesser competition and the ideal local search keywords as well. Then we begin optimizing the content of your web pages, blogs, articles and social media posts.
  • Social Media Optimization
    The importance of a strong social media presence can never be overemphasized. It leads to more people visiting your website and increasing traffic or seeking your services directly at your physical location. It facilitates word-of-mouth awareness which leads to more people knowing about your organization.
  • Content Marketing
    Content is the foundation of any Internet marketing strategy.

    • Content should be relevant and user-friendly
    • Google’s algorithms value relevant and comprehensive content in this age of conversational search where search terms often involve casual phrases
    • Content involves more than just text. Videos have been reported to be 80% more effective in facilitating conversions
    • We incorporate useful infographics and videos in your web pages, blogs and social media channels to grab reader attention and present a whole lot of useful information in an exciting manner
  • Email Marketing
    Email marketing is much more effective than it sounds. You can reach your potential customers and generate more appointments or fulfilled calls to action with email marketing. Email messages are inexpensive but effective means of driving user engagement. They can also strengthen your brand. We design email messages including newsletters, appointment reminders and offers for retaining existing customers as well as drawing others to your brand.
  • Pay-per-click (PPC)
    A PPC campaign can run along with your SEO one. While organic search is important, PPC can help build recognition for your brand and provide you with instant leads. This would take a considerable amount of time with organic search. We design appropriate PPC ads for the chosen keywords. They can significantly help in boosting your site traffic.
  • Branding
    Nothing stays in the minds of your patients or prospective customers more effectively than your brand. It symbolizes the quality of service you provide and what you stand for. Your brand is your identity. Our branding services will help strengthen your brand in the minds of people. Our services include logo design, letterhead design, and online brochure design among other services.

MedResponsive offers these comprehensive online marketing services through customized packages. Speak to one of our senior SEO managers. Call us at (800) 941-5527 and see how we can help!

Healthcare Online Marketing Strategies