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Establish a mobile presence for your business!

Mobile website development refers to developing a website that can be viewed on mobile browsers. Mobile devices have transformed the lives of people. No doubt, smartphones have conquered today’s world and so mobile websites are no longer optional. It is now vital to have a mobile responsive website for your business.

The primary objective must be to provide your website visitors with the best user experience. To meet this goal, make sure that your business website can be accessed using any device your customers may be using. Similar to a desktop website, mobile websites must be able to display text content, data, images and video. Users must be able to access all mobile-specific features including click-to-call actions as well as location-based mapping.

A professional mobile website development company in the U.S, like MedResponsive, can provide the necessary support!

Important to Have a Mobile Website

Why is it Important to Have a Mobile Website?

The use of mobile devices has exceeded desktop as stated by Techjury where it as been stated that most internet traffic comes from mobile – 50.48%. 46.51% comes from desktop in 2020

  • The use of mobile devices has exceeded desktop as stated by Techjury where it as been stated that most internet traffic comes from mobile – 50.48%. 46.51% comes from desktop in 2020
  • The number of smartphone users worldwide surpassed 3 billion (2016-2021)
  • Smartphone market is expected to further grow by 700 million in the next few years


There are three ways to create a mobile website

  • Responsive development, where the website will be easily accessible on any device you use – mobile, desktop, laptop or tablet
  • Dynamic serving sites, where separate HTML and CSS versions are displayed by the URL based on the visitor’s device, but this is not SEO friendly.
  • Having a separate mobile site for desktop and mobile, can be really expensive.

Search engines can easily index your website as a result of the creation of a responsive design, as the website will appear based on the device’s configurations and display size. The user will also benefit from needing only a single URL to reach your business.


Here are the Benefits of a Mobile Website

  • Compatible across devices
  • Broader accessibility
  • Instantly available
  • Cost-effective
  • Easy to maintain
  • More dynamic to update content
  • Easy to share between users
Benefits of a Mobile Website

How MedResponsive Can Assist You?

At MedResponsive, we offer a full-range of web development services ranging from website design to development, mobile app development  and digital marketing.

Our developers make sure that your website is perfect with all key features including:

  • User friendly design
  • Better page navigation
  • Effective call to action and social media buttons
  • Social media integration
  • Geographical location and mapping
  • Mobile Analytics
  • Content Management System configuration and integration

We assist you in each stage of web development ranging from concept development to product deployment, maintenance and support. Integrating innovative tools and techniques such as Joomla, Drupal, WordPress or Custom CMS, based on the design layout you prefer.

We make sure that your site is properly optimized for mobile functionality, handheld presentation, content management and screen layout. Once done, our digital marketers will implement all the right strategies to improve your site’s online presence for more leads.

Our list of clients from diverse industries within


Real Estate







Plastic surgery




Helps our digital marketing staff members stay sharp in gathering the right leads for you.

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Best Web Design and Development Practices We Follow

Best Web Design and Development Practices We Follow

  • Use rich graphics and avoid cluttering of images
  • Try to avoid redirects to improve web page loading speed
  • Implement Chatbots to make your website engaging
  • Post dynamic content so that visitors understand how your site will help them
  • Add push notifications for special offers/discounts, events, and customer-centric activities
  • Never mix JavaScript in your HTML documents to maintain a clean document
  • Use fluid CSS layouts, to make the page adapt to the changes in the browser window size

Benefit from 24X7 website support & maintenance! And get your mobile site ready within the required turnaround time!

Discuss your mobile web development requirement and get a quote! Contact us at (800) 941-5527!

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