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Mobile Friendliness

With Google making mobile friendliness a more decisive ranking factor than before since April 21, 2015, you know that your practice or business can only be up there in the search rankings if it loads and performs well on a mobile phone, without the user having to pinch, zoom or keep scrolling endlessly. As search engines such as Bing and Yahoo have started adding algorithms to affect mobile responsiveness, mobile user friendliness has become more important than ever before.

This is important, and this change is the result of soaring popularity in mobile Internet use. People like to search while on the move, and smartphones have been the means for that. A good section of these smartphone users are looking for quick information while on the move and you need to be visible on the mobile results to capitalize. At MedResponsive, our staff researches mobile search extensively, to come up with the right tools to provide mobile SEO for healthcare practices.

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Customized SEO for Medical and Healthcare Businesses

There are various elements involved in ensuring a competitive mobile SEO strategy:

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