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Medical SEO: Medical and Healthcare SEO Services

We have been refining our medical SEO (search engine optimization) strategy for more than a decade. Healthcare may not have changed much, but the industry has medical SEO and healthcare SEO services needed to adapt. We know that there is no Silver Bullet except working hard to be on the top for the right keywords, driving the right people to your site and increasing your digital presence on the web. Media and device usage has changed; use of computers to tablets and mobile phones and the speed at which the change is occurring requires constant scrutiny, research and adaptation. Let us get you found before your competitors.

The process of achieving high positioning in the search engines used to be easy. But the days of keyword stuffing and link spamming have changed. Everything from the speed of your site, content, your popularity, your social media involvement and so on are no longer focused on the search engine, it should be for your user. As Google and other search engines continue to change their algorithms, marketing yourself or your business in the healthcare / medical sector is more complex than ever before.

We will work with you, understand your business, learn about your customers and their search habits and needs; then come up with search strategies that can be implemented for long term success. Ranging from keyword analysis to content creation, responsive web design and local listing optimizations, an effective combination of on-page and off-page SEO techniques can move your website up in the major search engines.

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What do we do


We research your market, your target customers and your competition. The brand positioning in the healthcare market is critical. Clearing a path for an optimized brand is essential. Being prepared is our goal.

Website Audit

Let’s audit your site, check for errors, load time, site speed, conversion metrics and other factors that are important. Do not have a website? Do not worry, let us get your presence documented on the World Wide Web.

Content and Link Review

Review your site’s content and sees how they are positioned. Our content writers are experienced in healthcare. Having written hundreds of thousands of website content, blogs, articles, press releases and so on in the medical industry we are ready. Need to check all links to your website, both internal and external. We will analyze for link penalization, spamming and so on. If there are problems? We fix it.

Local Optimization Review

Are you a local business? A local Physician’s office? Let us check your local presence. The importance of your domain’s local strength, reviews and so on. Are you on Yelp, Yahoo local or other specific local platforms? Do it need improvement, we can do that.

Social Media Review

Optimization has changed, the world wants to see you connected, socially. IT is different for different business, for a physician it might be about reaching out to patients, for a medical devices company, it might be about promoting new sales and reaching out to customers. Whatever it might be, we can help.

Customized Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Strategy

Time to gather all the information and form a strategy that will work. As one of the leading medical SEO companies, we believe every website should have their own plan depending on all the information you gather. We have extensive expertise in providing search engine optimization for doctors and other medical professionals. A wholesome organic approach is necessary to achieve the results you are looking for. Yes it takes time, but it can be done.

To learn more about why search engine optimization matters in building a strong online presence for a business involved in healthcare, call us (800) 941-5527 and speak to one of our SEO Managers.

Medical and Healthcare SEO Services