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Healthcare Paid Search Management

Medical paid search management services perfectly complement organic search. Healthcare practices sometimes need to rely on pay-per-click (PPC) to improve their visibility.

Paid Search Marketing for Increased ROI

Paid ads are something that people tend to click on more than any other kind of advertising. Ads appearing along with organic search results on the search engine are particularly attractive. Users getting ads that are relevant to what they are searching for have a significant probability of clicking on them. That is the reasoning behind search engines such as Google wanting to place ads in relevance to the topic searched for, in order to derive revenue. And you only need to pay for those ads if they get clicked. PPC is therefore a win-win situation for you and the search engines.

Google AdWords is the most common platform for PPC management, while Bing Ads and Yahoo Search Ads are next. MedResponsive carries out paid search campaigns on all these platforms plus the major social networking platforms that provide PPC options as well.

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Our pay per click management services is extensive and customized to your needs. It involves the following stages:

  • Determining Goals and Objectives: This is where it all starts. It’s an important stage where significant research is carried out to determine goals and objectives. This gives you a sense of direction, telling you what exactly to do.
  • Hard Research and Analysis: This stage determines the success and ROI of the entire PPC campaign. You can’t embark on PPC unless you carry out some competitor analysis, keyword analysis, budget assessment, etc. MedResponsive’s PPC experts know just the kind of research that must be conducted so as to set up an efficient paid search marketing campaign.
  • Getting It Started: The process of setting up a PPC marketing campaign involves deciding on the ad text, optimizing landing page, allocating the budget, and launching the campaign. Our experience helps us to do all these for you faster, and in an efficient manner.
  • Performance Tracking: PPC management just cannot be successful without efficient monitoring. This determines the success of the medical marketing campaign. Tracking of site visits, weekly bid updates, adding keywords and measuring the ROI provided by all these efforts are important to decide to either continue with the campaign or make key changes.
  • In-depth Analysis: This is where we discuss the findings of our PPC monitoring with you, our client. Our experience helps us to conduct effective creative testing. We give you monthly reports and communicate with you on how the paid search campaign is going on.

Gain the Upper Hand with MedResponsive

One of the areas where experience, industry knowledge and hard research count is in focusing on the right keywords. The right keyword focus is essential for results to come. Our research into your practice and the kind of customers you target is extensive. As we’ve explained above, we continually analyze PPC performance even after the campaign is launched. This helps us to ensure your practice receives improved ROI with all these efforts.

Equally important is coming up with the right ad content. Our staff is creative and can provide imaginative ads that can be very compelling for web searchers. We customize our ads according to the specific requirements of our clients which help us provide more efficient and cost-effective services. It makes setting bids for clicks more flexible for you. We help you track ad performance immediately through our weekly reports. Our paid search engine marketing services also target all major search engines.

It’s time you gave search engine marketing for your practice a decisive advantage. Call our healthcare PPC agency at (800) 941-5527 and we’ll get back to you with solutions!