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Healthcare and Medical Social Media Optimization

The world hangs out in the myriad social networks. It’s where people talk, argue, discuss, and even buy and sell. There really is no greater avenue for businesses and healthcare practices to make their presence felt. Social media for doctors is no longer optional.

At MedResponsive, an MOS service, we know the importance of healthcare/medical social media optimization services and believe that planned activity in the social networks can help physician practices and hospitals gain greater ROI from their internet marketing investment.

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Medical Social Media Marketing (SMM) Strategies

SMM does not imply that you simply start posting in whatever network you get your hands on. That could be detrimental to your strategy. Before you even start, you need to analyze the specific purpose behind each network. Here’s a short journey into some of the major platforms and the purposes they serve:

  • Twitter – Snippet updates, quotes and links
  • Facebook – Longer posts including stories, interesting information, photos, videos, etc
  • Google+ – Somewhat similar to Facebook but primarily serves brand building and B2B marketing needs
  • YouTube – Videos of events, music, movies, documentaries and live events
  • Pinterest – Creating image boards for sharing photos
  • Instagram – Quick photo posting to convey moods or something interesting
  • LinkedIn – Setting up a professional network for connecting with industry leaders and professionals to build your brand, share industry news, post job opportunities, and find prospective employees
  • Vine – Posting short, thought-provoking videos or animation

Our social media advertising on these popular social media sites can help to move away from traditional advertising techniques, and connect with the specific consumers in the healthcare field.

Posting and Commenting

Posts must be engaging, thought provoking, and also relevant. Relevance is very important since you’re in the healthcare field where trust and a sense of vocation are sought by the audience. Commenting on relevant posts by others is equally important in capturing people’s attention and enabling you to be seen as a genuine entity.

Social Media Listening (SML)

There are quite a lot of opinions that get circulated in the social networks, and it is important to monitor what’s being said about you. Social media opinions have been known to significantly impact user decisions, so while positive mentions are good for you, any negative mentions must be identified and set right immediately.

Our SML activities can be summarized in the following steps

  • Listening
  • Engaging and Developing
  • Measuring

Secure the Vital Edge with MedResponsive

These social media management services combined with MedResponsive’s experience, innovative ideas, and customized solutions help us provide you with that distinctive edge.Get to increase your ROI through improved social media performance, which reflects on your search rankings, site visits and conversions.

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