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Health Content Marketing

Content marketing services in the healthcare is a heavily regulated area depending on your type of business or service. It does have tremendous potential. Pew Research estimates that around 72% of Internet users looked for health information online in 2014. Among the services searched online, healthcare stands second in the volume of search.

The over-reliance on print media has failed to satisfy the needs of people seeking information on health conditions, treatments, doctors, healthcare products and services. MedResponsive, an MOS healthcare digital marketing agency, is uniquely placed with our experience in health content marketing.

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Health Content Marketing

ROI-focused Medical Content Marketing Services

HIPAA regulations and the conditions of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) mean that web content marketing for SEO must be done carefully. However, that does not imply that you need to be unimaginative in planning your strategy. The health content marketing’s goal is not just SEO performance but also generating goodwill among the target audience.


Videos without an evident sales pitch can swing the tide towards you. They could be about anything that makes your audience feel attached to you.

  • Animation

Simple animations can convey deep messages. Our talented videographers can capture real life moments while our graphic designers can design Flash animations to be shared on the social networks and incorporated in your web pages to capture attention.


Great blogs that deal with relevant and pressing health topics can be useful to your target audience and build up a following. Our content writers specialized in healthcare do extensive research on health topics and news items relevant to what your offer.

  • Article Submissions

Submitting articles to article repositories is a great way to generate inbound traffic. They need to be of high quality and involve relevant content posted. We select quality, Google-approved article repositories for this depending on your target market.

  • Press Release Submissions

Press releases are newsworthy material that point to achievements, milestones and new services of your practice. They can also draw in traffic through the inbound link posted with each press release.

Social Media Posts

The presence of so many social networks specializing in various media provides innumerable opportunities. Instagram, Twitter, Vine, Facebook and Others including Tumblr, StumbleUpon and Reddit have their own special appeal as content repositories that we can work with our client to achieve success.

Relevant Commenting

Mastering social media is an art that requires intuitiveness. Relevant commenting on other blogs and social media posts is one of the ways to do that. We monitor the social media scene and know just what kind of posts and blogs to comment on, and what kind of commenting to do.

  • eNewsletters

Newsletters sent to email IDs of existing patients or acquired IDs of prospective customers can generate interest towards your practice. It is part of email marketing, and the focus is on generating interest on stuff happening at your practice or any achievements.


Whitepapers are great tools to capture leads. These are in-depth and detailed reports that deal with a problem and present your solution to the problem. They give readers something useful to think of. White papers can be a great tool to capture contacts as well.

  • Case Studies

While whitepapers build respect for your practice among readers, case studies lend a more personal touch by actually incorporating testimonials of patients who have benefited from your care. Again, the focus is on presenting facts and not explicitly promoting. Our content writers are experienced in research and flexibility and can provide just what’s needed.

Our staff isn’t restricted to these solutions alone when it comes to content marketing services. Innovative and customized solutions are our hallmark. These are decided upon based on your unique needs.

What Makes MedResponsive Unique

Flexibility and innovation are two traits our staff is ingrained with. That applies to our content writers and social networking experts too. This innovation brings returns on investment, whatever is the kind of specialization your practice is involved in. Our staff is well-versed in HIPAA and other norms, and delivers powerful healthcare marketing services that bring you patients, earnings and reputation.

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