Case Study: Transformed Legacy DOS System into a Cloud-based EHR Solution

Medresponsive Case Studies


Here, the client’s requirement was to convert a legacy 80s DOS-based program into a cloud-based application with a focus on EHR development. The client faced challenges related to data management and distribution, which our team effectively addressed with the new system – QSmartCare.

The Challenge

The major challenge faced by the client was collecting user data into a central database and then sharing it with other users working on their own PCs with 80s DOS applications installed.

Solutions Offered

Within a specified time period, we were able to successfully migrate to a new application and address some of the challenges the client faced with the old system.

We developed an offline-capable EHR application that required careful planning and a strong focus on data integrity, security, and usability.

The challenges we faced during the new system’s initial implementation were – user resistance, data migration, integration issues, training and onboarding, performance issues, security concerns, cost overruns, data validation and testing, change management, user feedback and adaptation. To address these challenges, we formulated a well-defined implementation plan, allocated sufficient resources, involved stakeholders, and engaged in effective change management practices. Ongoing monitoring and support for the new system are vital to ensure it continues to meet the organization’s needs and objectives.

Technologies Used

Technology Technology Used
Languages PHP, Swift, C++, Java, JavaScript, VB.Net, PHP
Frameworks & libraries Angular, jQuery, Bootstrap
SDKs iOS (Swift 5, XCode, MVC), Android (Java, Android Studio, MVC)
Databases MySQL
Web Server Apache, Nginx
Hosting AWS
Security Gathering EHR compliance requirements (e.g., HIPAA, ONC, and local regulations)
Industry Wound Care Speciality
Applications Web Application, Native iOS and Native Android
Service Provided Creation of client specific unique solution, custom software.

End Product

We designed and built an EHR application – QSmartCare that collects, accesses, saves, and forwards the complete health information of patients via secure servers.
Key benefits of this EHR application are – improved patient care, efficiency and productivity, enhanced communication, patient safety and quality of care, data analytics and research, cost savings, regulatory compliance, security and data protection, and improved reporting and billing.

Client Satisfaction

Yes, client was happy. The client’s satisfaction with the EHR implementation was determined through surveys, feedback, and ongoing communication.