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Digital Marketing and SEO for Doctors

You need a great website to be visible to your patients and build patient trust.

MedResponsive, an MOS Service understands that trust can never be overemphasized for doctors and physician practices. Patients like to feel that the doctor they’re checking out can be relied upon with their lives, based on the first impression they acquire when they go through your site. Our team comprising SEO professionals, content writers, web designers and social networking experts can help ensure digital marketing and SEO for doctors and physician groups with our proven strategies while you focus on helping your patients.

Build a new medical website or redesign an existing one!

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A Full Range of Medical Marketing Services

Website Designing and Redesigning

The responsive medical website we design for you will convey your professional image, build patient trust and encourage active and ongoing patient/visitor engagement.

Our talented and experienced web designers have a firm grip on industry standards. They know that:

  • Responsive web design is the need of the day
  • Pages need to load quickly in spite of having interactive content including images, videos and Flash animation
  • A user-friendly and easily navigable web interface is vital


The ultimate aim of any web design project is to make your medical website visible to the people you’re targeting. Over the years we’ve acquired rich experience in providing healthcare SEO services and have devised innovative strategies to get our client to the winning side, despite the algorithmic innovations that strike now and then.

Local SEO

For a healthcare practice, getting into the local listings is really important. We help you do that in portals such as Google My Business, Yelp and Yahoo Local. It helps people, searching for the kind of services you offer with location keywords, to find you faster. You could make yourself more conspicuous to people in your geographical area, which is obviously very important.

Paid Search (PPC Marketing)

While organic search is the highest priority, paid search or PPC marketing does help maximize ROI by placing ads on the side of search pages. This improves your visibility, and you only need to pay for the ad if it gets clicked. PPC marketing is a very cost-effective option for physician practices.

Social Media Optimization

Conspicuousness in the social networks helps target the right audience and significantly opens up the brand to a wide range of audiences. We have strategies for the major social networks out there including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, YouTube and others.

Reputation Management

Reputation is everything for a physician practice. We closely monitor mentions of your practice made in the social networks, blogs, review sites and local listings to ensure the vibes are positive. If not, we take remedial measures to set them right.

Content Submission (Articles and Press Releases)

Submitting quality content to authentic, high ranking sites helps generate backlinks and inbound traffic for your website. MedResponsive’s content writers have what it takes to create professional and quality content. Our team also includes medical professionals who ensure that the content created is medically sound.


Blogs build readership and a following if they are relevant, useful and engaging to people. Our writers can create excellent blog content for doctors, which helps them build a dedicated following.

Website Analytics

We make use of state-of-the-art tools to monitor the performance of your website, in terms of visits, engagement, bounce rate, conversions, etc. Whenever issues are identified, we modify strategies to deal with them.

We also provide EHR integration solutions that are very important for the success of any physician practice or hospital these days. And these services also come with the MedResponsive advantages of:

  • Vast experience working with health organizations
  • Reliability
  • ROI-focused effort
  • Customized and innovative solutions
  • Cost-effective services

Contact us for a speedy solution! Benefit from a website of the future that will provide a wonderful browsing experience for your patients and visitors across all devices – desktops, smartphones, laptops and tablets among others.

Choose from the custom web design and website marketing solutions we have for you.

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