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Identify Credible Sources of Information with Google’s “Highly Cited” Label

Identify Credible Sources of Information with Google’s “Highly Cited” Label

How do you recognize credible and non-credible sources of information in Google search results? Google has rolled out a new “Highly Cited” label in search results to address this concern, fight misinformation, help you recognize original reporting, and direct you to reliable information. Organic SEO companies keep track of Google updates to help businesses make the most of them to build their brand and connect with their audience.

How Google Search Label “Highly Cited “ Works?

The “highly cited” label appears in the Top Stories Carousel. Instead of just a slot in the carousel, the highly cited page receives in Top Stories takes up the entire width of the screen. It directs users to trusted sources and identifies stories that have been frequently cited by other news organizations during google search.

Google explained: “Let’s say a local news organization breaks an investigative story looking into problems at your local school district. The story is so big that it gets picked up by numerous other media outlets. But what if you didn’t see that original story, which had a unique context for local residents? We’re introducing a way to help you identify stories that have been frequently cited by other news organizations, giving you a simple way to find the most helpful or relevant information for a news story.“

How Highly Cited Works

Image Source:

This new label will be placed on investigative articles, interviews, announcements, press releases, local news stories and more. Google CEO Sundar Pichai had announced that the company is investing $10 million to help fight misinformation about the realities and facts of the war in Ukraine. This includes new partnerships with think tanks and civil society organizations to conduct region-specific research into misinformation and disinformation and cash grants to support fact-checking networks and nonprofits.” (

Google’s new “highly cited sources” label came just in time for International Fact-Checking Day on April 2, 2022.

What More After the Launch of Google Search Label?

Along with introducing the highly cited label in Google search results, Google is also expanding its “rapidly evolving topics” notice that appears alongside breaking news in search results in an attempt to help search users critically evaluate the results they’re being shown. The expansion indicates that it can take time for information to be published and will remind users to check whether a source is trusted, or simply tell them to come back later when more information is available. The changes started to surface in Google search results on March 31, 2022, in English in the United States.

Google is also rolling out improvements to its “ About This Result” feature (that offers more context about each website in search results) which was announced last year in the coming weeks.

As a digital marketing services company offering organic search engine optimization services, we keep track of new Google updates and trends and understand how it can impact our clients’ digital marketing campaigns. We believe in getting you results through a full spectrum of services from SEO, content writing, to conversion rate optimization.

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How SEO Supports Sales Funnel Stages

How SEO Supports Sales Funnel Stages

Most businesses use a marketing strategy called a sales funnel, which is simply a process that turns prospects into customers. A business aims to attract as many leads as possible and guide them through the sales funnel until they become paying customers. The more leads you have, the higher are your chances of getting more conversions and ultimately, increasing revenue. The sales funnel is a very effective way of making sure you’re working more efficiently and getting better results. It also helps you to track user behavior and customize marketing activities to the customer’s needs at all stages. SEO can be used to keep your target clients engaged as they go through the conversion process. Consider how you could engage customers throughout the purchase process if you could rank for all of the search terms and inquiries that correspond to each stage of the conversion funnel. To get this done, keyword optimization, strategic content marketing, and well-designed site architecture are vital to ensure that your leads stay engaged with you throughout their whole buying process. Associate with organic SEO companies to optimize your website and digital marketing strategy and implement an effective sales funnel to generate more customers.

Importance of Using Sales Funnel

The process of creating a sales funnel takes a lot of time and effort. It is, nevertheless, a form of investment that pays off rapidly, and you will see good results sooner than you anticipate. The following are different ways sales funnel is advantageous for your business.

  • It helps you to customize your efforts to the needs of consumers at different phases of the sales funnel. It allows you to give proper arguments at the right time if you understand how important it is to set the expectations of potential consumers, motivate them, and illustrate what makes you stand out from your competitors at the start.
  • It lets you track the efficiency of activities at each stage of the sales funnel and eliminate bottlenecks. Perhaps, unfavorable connections with your brand dissuade potential buyers from the start, resulting in a small number of conversions. On the other hand, sometimes you may execute everything right but users don’t complete transactions due to UX issues. Identify the problem areas and try to keep clients for a longer period of time.
  • You can learn new lead generation tactics, and you might even be able to figure out which ones perform best for your target market.
  • It lets you determine which customer groups are most helpful to your company and should be addressed in your communications if you understand the distinct stages of the sales funnel.
  • It helps you to cut out activities that don’t produce the desired results while also saving money.
  • A well-optimized sales funnel can be created based on the analysis and evaluation that helps or even automates some of the operations. You can learn and understand how to scale your business because you can determine conversions at various levels of the funnel.

Different sales funnel stages and how SEO supports each stage

Importance of Using Sales Funnel

  • Awareness and attention: One of the most important goals of search engine optimization is to increase internet presence. Greater website exposure leads to greater brand recognition. At the top of the sales funnel, keyword analysis is critical since it allows you to precisely target marketing activities (including SEO) and ensure that you’re reaching the proper audience. Although long-tail and brand terms will become more important in later sections, it’s critical to concentrate on generic keywords at this stage. They will not, however, allow you to “shortlist” users. Another element that SEO teams focus on is constant effort on increasing placements in the SERPs. It makes it much easier to direct users’ attention to aspects that are important to you. You can also appeal to consumers by utilizing structured data and standing out in search results (direct replies, emoji, star ratings under posts/products, or perfect meta descriptions). The next important aspect is having your website appear high in the search results and this improves your brand image. Local SEO and a well-optimized Google My Business listing are important components to invest in if you own a local business. Linking is particularly significant because, in addition to helping with SEO, it promotes referral traffic and visibility.
  • Interest: When people recognize that they require something, you must persuade them that your product or service will meet their needs at the second step of the sales funnel. Define your consumers’ motivations clearly and lead them to the goal, which is conversion, without distracting their attention. Apart from the previously mentioned characteristics, this step requires the usage of brand keywords. If potential buyers are familiar with your brand, they will want to search it online. So, you must be visible for brand terms and keep an eye out for dishonest practices by your market competitors who may be using SEO to rank for your keywords. It’s also a good idea to optimize your Google My Business page for brand terms. Make sure that you share your website content on your social media too.
  • Desire: Having a favorable website and Google My Business directory reviews is an important aspect of modern SEO. In terms of business, such reviews have an impact on potential purchasers’ decision-making processes, which is critical at the third stage. You must demonstrate to them that your product or service deserves their attention. Comments are one-of-a-kind pieces of user-generated content that Google may examine. If you have incorporated properly formatted data, it can also help you rank higher in the SERPs and attract more visitors. It’s worthwhile to invest in high-quality content that positions you as a trustworthy industry expert who is worth your clients’ time and money. The importance of excellent product/service descriptions cannot be overstated. Encourage users to post reviews and display ratings.
  • Action: The fourth step is action, which refers to activities that occur on the site and lead to a purchase. Low conversion rates might be caused by on-page problems that are not connected to past marketing efforts. Modern SEO is concerned about user experience and aims to guarantee that visitors to your website are satisfied and do not abandon shopping carts. One of the ranking variables, Core Web Vitals, is indirectly related to user experience because it focuses on website loading speed and user comfort (page performance). Make sure your website has prominent call-to-action buttons.
  • Loyalty: Do you want to encourage people to return to your brand and give favorable feedback about your business? Then, you’ll require outstanding blog content. All types of tutorials and texts related to the industry or your company’s operations will benefit you. Keywords will improve your brand recognition because you’ll be displayed in the search results. Existing consumers who willingly share and read your texts, will increase your brand loyalty.

The SEO Funnel in a Nutshell

Each stage of the sales funnel is supported by SEO. It aids marketers in increasing brand awareness, sales, and consumer loyalty. So, if you want to grow your customers by converting all your potential customers, consider partnering with a reliable SEO company outsourcing digital marketing service. SEO support company will help you focus on conversion at each stage of the sales process. You would clearly know where your leads are coming from, how many of them you’ve succeeded in converting into customers, and how many left at each stage of the process.

Effective SEO Tools for 2022

Effective SEO Tools for 2022

Due to the frequent changes in Google’s algorithm, search engine optimization strategies also need to change. You can figure out the changes simply by comparing various substitutes developed in this field recently. SEO tools help you to analyze the existing content on your website and provide suggestions to make it more appropriate and relevant.

It is essential to maintain the credibility and accessibility of your web page using different SEO tools. It provides you with a platform to analyze the performance of your competitors and to make sure that you have made essential changes to compete with other websites in your niche.

One Step Ahead with the Best SEO Tools

Effective SEO Tools for 2022

  • Google search console

Google search console is a free service offered by Google that helps you to understand the performance of your website in general. You can verify it simply by adding your website codes to this tool. This gives you an idea about how Google and its users view your website. It examines the number of people who have visited your website so far. It can also help you to make the necessary changes for better performance of your website.

Effective SEO Tools for 2022

Image Source

  • SEMRush

It is an SEO tool that can easily analyze the changes, new ranking strategies and the current ranking of your website. This tool has a feature known as domain Vs domain analysis that helps you to compare your site with your competitor’s site. SEMRush permits you to evaluate your rankings and gives suggestions to improve the performance of your website.

  • Ahrefs

Ahrefs is one of the popular online SEO tools. It gives emphasis to the content on the website that needs improvement so as to grab top positions on search engines. It determines your competitor’s backlinks and you can use it in the initial days of your new ventures. Ahrefs can be used to find out the well-performing content on websites. It checks and rearranges the broken links and evaluates pages that are running perfectly.

Effective SEO Tools for 2022

Image Source

  • KWFinder

KWFinder is a great SEO keyword tool that helps beginners rank keywords easily. It can check the performance and ranking of your page and also suggest several new keywords to achieve higher ranks on search engines. It assists you in finding long-tail keywords that have minimum competition.

Effective SEO Tools for 2022

Image Source

  • Moz Pro

Moz Pro is one of the best SEO tools that not only gives information about the performance of your page but also suggests ways to improve its ranking. It provides a free toolbar called MozBar to see your website metrics while browsing. It has a page optimization feature to understand the necessary steps in SEO to improve every single page of your website. You can compare your site with your competitors and make necessary changes.

  • SpyFu

SpyFu discovers the top online competitors in your respective fields. It is being used by digital marketers to improve their online performance by using keyword research and competitive intelligence. SpyFu gives details about keywords that rank higher on search engines and their hierarchies.

  • Woorank

It is an SEO auditing, ranking and digital marketing tool to track and report your marketing details. You can observe your competitors by noting the keywords they have used. It helps you to overcome security issues and duplicate content by providing solutions to resolve them.

Effective SEO Tools for 2022

Image Source

  • Majestic

According to experts, it is one of the best marketing SEO tools. It has certain features like the majestic million and the site explorer. The former permits you to see the rankings of other top websites and the latter gives you an overview of your sites and their backlinks.

  • Google Trends

It gives you information and trends regarding a keyword. It helps you to identify trending topics in different industries. It has a keyword research feature that helps you to find relevant keywords and avoid using irrelevant ones. Its ability to recommend related keywords makes this tool unique. It also provides keywords that have a very close connection to your search.

  • SEOQuake

It is one of the best free SEO tools that perform on­-page site audits, website comparisons to check your performance with competitors, and analyzes both your internal and external links. This helps you to get reviews about the SEO value of any webpage. You can activate it anytime while browsing.

Effective SEO Tools for 2022

Image Source

SEO Tools Make Your Tasks Easy

Finding the best SEO tool is one of the most crucial tasks in search engine optimization. A good SEO tool not only helps you to increase the traffic to your website but also gives an idea about the performance of your competitors in their respective fields. It provides valuable assistance to get an idea about the keywords used by other prominent websites and their strategies to attract the attention of their users.

Organic SEO companies can help bring your website at the top of the search results page.

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YouTube Rolls Out Search Insights To All Channels

YouTube Rolls Out Search Insights To All Channels

Wouldn’t it be interesting and useful to know what your target audience on YouTube is searching for on the platform? A few months ago, YouTube rolled out Search Insights, a new tool designed to surface valuable keyword data and tell content creators what their specific audience is searching for. Companies providing social media marketing services keep track of trends to help their clients enhance their digital marketing efforts.

YouTube is building and rolling out new features frequently to help content creators who use them to grow their businesses and make a living. Recently, YouTube announced that they are rolling out the Search Insights tool to all channels by the end of April.

Search Insights tool was rolled out to select users as an experiment in November 2021. Designed to reveal valuable keyword data, it provides a range of new data points to help refine your YouTube strategy, based on what people are looking for in the platform. Let’s take a look at the features of YouTube Search Insights, how it works, and how it can help creators generate more successful content.

How YouTube Search Insights Works

The Search Insights tool shows the creator data based on searches across all of YouTube, as well as just their viewers’ searches. It includes information on what people are searching for in the app, both in relation to a creator’s channel and content specifically, and for more general search queries.

YouTube Channel Insights

Image source:

The tool assists with content planning by providing data that can be used to create more relevant content. Creators can get data on what the broader YouTube audience is searching for by looking up keywords to see the estimated search volume.

The platform also displays a content gap filter (bucketed by search volume (high, medium and low), which shows search terms that don’t return a high volume of matches – searches for which searchers were unable to find a video. By highlighting these searches, this filter can help creators focus on creating content that aligns with searches that are not currently being served by the videos available in the app, which could present new opportunities for their efforts.

Brands and creators can use Search Insights to improve their content planning and make sure that they are creating videos that are relevant to their audience, as well as what YouTube users are searching for.

Find the Existing “GAP” in Your Content

Identifying your content gap is a major opportunity to provide your audience with content they’re not getting enough of. Depending on a particular niche, a creator may be able to create a whole content plan around targeted keywords that have content gaps.

The YouTube Search Insights tool could be a very handy tool for marketers – similar to Google’s Search Console and Google Trends – as it provides more insight into what’s driving a YouTube channel’s traffic, and how a creator can optimize its content efforts to align with the latest trends and searches. The data in Search Insights is based on what users searched for in the past 28 days.

How to Access YouTube Search Insights

  • Log into the YouTube Studio
  • Click on “Analytics” that appears in the left-hand navigation menu
  • Go to the Research tab and click “Your viewers’ searches”

From there you can access data about what your audience is searching for and data about what the general YouTube audience is searching for – the list of top keywords searched by your viewers and viewers similar to yours.

By clicking on “ Searches across YouTube”, you will get a screen where you can look up search data for general topics and for specific keywords, where the results can be filtered to show content gaps only if that’s what you’re primarily interested in.

The company hasn’t significantly altered Search Insights since it was rolled out to select users a few months ago. YouTube Search Insights, will be available to all channels by the end of April 2022. It will only provide aggregated data from the past 28 days on English language search terms from the U.S., UK, Canada, Australia and India. In future, the company plans to roll this tool out to more languages and regions.

Experience organic SEO companies keep track of the latest features launched by social media platforms to understand how they can impact their clients’ digital marketing campaigns.

As a search engine optimization company, providing social media optimization services, MedResponsive can personalize your campaign to match your brand and message. Reach out to us for a free consultation — we can help you take your digital marketing campaign to the next level!

What Is Evergreen Content and Why Does Your Business Blog Need It?

What Is Evergreen Content and Why Does Your Business Blog Need It?

A blog is a platform where writers share their thoughts and feelings. It serves the purpose of a diary. Over time, the popularity of this space witnessed a great surge, and now business firms utilize blogs to promote their services. Blog content that is published might remain relevant for SEO long past its publication. Such content is called evergreen content and will continue to attract traffic.

Other types of content may attract traffic when it is posted but will see a significant drop in visitors eventually. Updating your content is one way to keep it evergreen. Digital marketing outsourcing companies that provide content writing services can help you in this process with timely updating your content to maintain the ranking of your website.

What is Evergreen Content?

Evergreen means timeless. The term is used to describe the content of the blogs that remains relevant and beneficial for a long time. These blogs are in contrast to news articles, seasonal content, content on trending topics and so on.

Evergreen content can create a high impact on the SEO ranking of a website. The topics of the evergreen content engage people as well as serve purpose irrespective of time. It is important to retain the quality of your content to ensure that it remains relevant for a long period of time.

Forms of writing that fall under the category of evergreen content are:

  • Guidelines for a particular activity
  • Reviews
  • Listicles
  • Top tips
  • Q&As
  • FAQs
  • Glossaries
  • Interviews
  • Encyclopedia
  • Videos

Let’s see how evergreen content can increase the ranking of your website:

With seasonal content, you may struggle to receive a steady flow of organic traffic to your website. However, as people always search certain topics frequently, organic SEO companies use evergreen content for consistent traffic as well as save time and energy without giving much pressure to content creation.

Evergreen content is a valuable treasure for any kind of business. Such content should be well structured and maintain quality.

Benefits of Evergreen Content

The benefits of evergreen content include:

  • Provides visibility in Search Engine Result Page (SERP)
  • Generate leads for a long time
  • As the content is always updated with the current changes, you can manage to find your own space among the search results
  • Can build backlinks even after many years

Tips for Using Evergreen Content

1) Write content for common people or beginners

Evergreen Content Tips

When you write content on a particular topic, you should have an idea about the audience of your website. You should always remember that your audience are not experts and your audience are mostly common people or beginners. To prepare content for beginners to acquire information related to the particular topic.

2) Selecting correct keyword

Long Tail Keywords

Keywords give life to content. Without relevant keywords, even evergreen content can’t boost your SEO ranking. Long tail keywords perform better and are applicable for evergreen content as well. So, search for relevant keywords people frequently use for search and use them in your content.

3) Use language according to your audience

Every website is meant for a particular audience. Content creators create content for beginners or people who have limited knowledge about the topic. It is recommended to use simple words that a beginner can understand. Always remember that it is better to avoid using too many technical terms.

4) Optimize your content

Even though you are updating an already written blog, you should implement SEO practices for on-page optimization. Remember keyword stuffing will affect negatively affect even evergreen content.

5) Reuse already existing content

After creating a good piece of content, you can reuse the same content in different ways such as infographic, PPT, PDF and so on.

Content Optimization

6) Create a content calendar

It is necessary to create a content calendar to organize your working schedule, ensure that your content team is on track, and manage your repurposed content.

Content Calendar

Steps to Create Evergreen Content

You need to follow certain steps while creating or updating evergreen content:

  • Add relevant and updated information
  • Delete or edit irrelevant or outdated information
  • Check your already existing links for checking broken links, finding more credible links and so forth
  • Add new forms of media like infographics, podcasts and so on as it helps you to breathe fresh air
  • Make the content more interactive
  • Check the grammar and spellings multiple times before final posting

There are certain websites that are considered major producers of evergreen content.

Here are 4 examples

  • com
  • com
  • com
  • com

As the name suggests, evergreen blogs remain relevant forever by retaining their importance. Updating content on a timely basis helps it stay evergreen. Affordable digital marketing services are available to help you with this.

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