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Legal Marketing Services

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Nowadays, most consumers search online for legal help or services. Hardly anyone reaches out for the phone book. Whether it’s to find an attorney or get an answer to some legal question, search engines have become the preferred resource. With so many reputable law firms providing value-added legal business services online, competition for top search engine rankings is high. So the need for effective SEO and other marketing strategies to beat the competition is needed.

Legal Marketing Services
Let us help you establish a strong web presence and enjoy a better marketing experience!

At MedResponsive, our digital marketing services range from web design and development to website optimization for relevant keywords to creating high-quality content, with the aim to help your website rank higher in SERPs. We have extensive helping lawyers, attorneys, law firms, and legal consultants in their online digital marketing efforts.

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Whether your law firm focuses on personal injury, product liability, social security disability, medical malpractice, criminal defense, civil litigation or any other area, we make it easy for clients to find you.


We work to identify your target market and what they are searching for online. We also find out where they perform these searches.

With the above important data, we develop a customized marketing strategy that will surely bring you the results you are looking for.

Our Legal Marketing Packages!


Custom Legal SEO Strategies

Just inserting keywords is not enough for your website to rank above competitors. You must have a comprehensive SEO strategy in place.

  • Our team properly indexes your web pages to make them rank well in the search engine results pages (SERPs).
  • We handle every aspect of website developmentin order to visually entice new and repeat visitors.
  • Our SEO experts implement the right optimization strategies for your website. They perform competitor analysis, develop relevant content, and also work on link and citation building – all of which are aimed at improving your ranking on Google and other search engines.

Creative Web Design and Development

  • Our web design & development team uses the latest technology tools to create a website that ideally represents your legal business.
  • We build legal websites with maximum functionality,excellent navigation, attractive visuals, unique content,andelegant, pleasing designs.
  • We provide responsive website design services that will ensure your website is accessible on desktops as well as mobile devices and provides excellent UI/UX to improve customer experience and conversions.

Application/Software Development

We develop software and mobile apps for your practice, litigation support, data collection and case management. In addition to that, we create applications with solid security features, data backup, real-time insights and tracking systems.



We fully understand the effectiveness of a consistent brand image thus together we will develop a well-defined and consistent brand image to project on social media and other communication channels.


Social Media Optimization

Our team optimizes your social media profile and posts unique content to build a community of followers and thus promote your law firm. We develop a social media plan to maximize your presence on all relevant pages.


AdWords Campaign

The development of paid ads are key but along with Paid ads we will use the originally created content to boost paid campaign efforts.To do so, long-tail keywords that are geo-targeted, and more will be our focus.Let our AdWords strategies for lawyers help you gain the edge over your competition, get relevant leads, and improve ad rankings.


Reputation Management

With reputation being of utmost importance to any legal business. Effectively managing your online footprint and reputation is our number one priority, so that you maintain a clean and reliable image online. While responding in the right manner to negative reviews, we will also ensure that your plus points or advantages are made known widely.


Local Targeting

Our local SEO strategies aim at making your law firm appear more in the local search results. We take care of well-optimized GMB ( Google My Business )listings, local citations and links from authoritative websites.
Together we help you to develop and implement marketing strategies focused on positioning your business as a top player. Lastly, enjoy a detailed report each month that includes both the improvements and the challenges of your website SEO.

Our Value Points

We have a proven track record of working with law firms and have given the best results to our clients.


We believe in transparency and will let our clients know everything about the marketing strategies we plan to implement.


We only make promises that we can keep and implement innovative legal marketing strategies that will bring you the ideal clients.


Our focus is on excellence, and to achieve that we adopt flexible strategies that can be adapted to meet the specific requirements of our clients and the market.


We are constantly on the lookout for unique and better ways to grow your legal business.

Law Firm SEO

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